Monday, July 26, 2010

Guest Blog Invader Lizz

I learned a new word today: Nepotism. (Hi Mom! ☺) Deciding to use my new-found knowledge, I am taking advantage of nepotism to guest blog!!! My best pondering-time occurs while in a frenzy of organization. So I decided to attack my closet with a grunge devouring fury. While striking fear into the heart of clutter, I came across a perfidious little book entitled: “Pride Pricking and its Profits 101” By: Sir Percival P. Prickums. Intrigued, I proceeded to peruse the purple book. Turns out Fangxiety and Sir Prickums are cousins!

“What are the odds?!” thought I, pleasantly perusing the pages.
In the introduction, I found this rather perniciously planned preamble:

As Evil Gnomes, it is our responsibility to prohibit creativity, ideas, inspiration, cupcakes and all other things good and delicious in this world. In this Gnomes-Guide-to-Pride-Pricking-Book, we will analyze how to properly use pride as a means of prohibiting progress. Pricks at Pride prevent growth, because the proud is too prickled to be humbled and give sway.

Pride Pricking also results in:
1. Pernicious lies
2. Painfully (though deliciously) pungent anger prohibiting perilously productive growth
3. Puncturing perfectly good ideas
4. Petrifying pleasing persons’ good intentions par fear

(Pardon Percy’s French).
Altogether, perfect Pride pricking proceeds prior to the Fall.
This is my Goal, to bring about a Fall in Creativity and cupcakes everywhere! MWHAHAHAHAHA.

Yours Sincerely,
Sir Percival P. Prickums

So, looks like for my guest blogs we’ll be able to delve into the enemy’s mind, via their conveniently informative book, and learn to conquer Sir Prickums’ Pride!!! ☺
Buckle Up.


Russo said...

Lizz, I'm so glad to have you on the blog~ your piece rocked. Can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve, girl.

Janiel Miller said...

Seatbelt buckled. Looking forward to what Percival has to say. :) Thanks for helping!