Sunday, July 4, 2010

Once upon a time there were three little writers who wanted to save the world. But, you know, "Twilight" had done that already. So they decided to create a blog instead.

Welcome to our Blog of Mischief and Tact wherein we take on the Gnomes that assault creativity and happiness in general. There won’t be blood, but there will be vicious, vicious rhetoric. And also recipes.

So, here is how it will go down:
Every month will start with a Challenge in which we each throw our brains and writing prowess at a common topic that deals with . . . whatever we need to deal with that month. And hopefully in the process our writing will become even more prowessy. Thoughts on challenging our Gnomes in writing and in life will follow.

Thanks for reading!

Maegan, Russo, & Janiel
The Gnome-Slayers

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