Sunday, August 8, 2010

No Inspiration. Just Desperation.

It is Sunday. A time to relax, be with family, meditate. Or SHAMELESSLY PROMOTE YOUR NEW BLOG!

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, yesterday marked the launching of my blog titled: Creative Thinkery. I've got stuff hanging out on three different blogs right now (Challenging the Gnome, Smashing Stories, and Mormonmomma) and I decided it is time for consolidation. So I launched creativethinkery.blogspot.com. There will be posts original to that blog, recipes, and anything else I can think of. And perhaps, if I manage to finish my book, get an agent, and, dare I hope, publish the thing, Thinkery will become my author's blog.

So. Thank you for listening. Please feel free to drop by, and for heaven's sake, FOLLOW me. My family, my one friend, and I are getting lonely over there.

Thanks, and much love to all you intrepid gnomeslayers,



Russo said...

Love the pic with your blog announcement. So freaking cool.

The Richardsons said...

I have decided you must have some sort of time-turner to be able to accomplish everything that you do! How is your book coming by the way?

Janiel Miller said...

No. No time-turner. Just a lot of A.D.D. and generalized hyper-activity. Thank you for asking about my book, my dear! It is coming along. Which is not fast enough. You? Your life?

Maegan Langer said...

I could stare at that picture for prolonged periods of time. It makes me giggle.