Monday, September 20, 2010

I hanglide on a dorito.

*Alternate title: My Cup Runneth Empty

I'm learning that writing takes not only time, but also energy. I think my writing energy stores may get used up more quickly than some. That's a Gnome I'll have to work on. So, I guess I'm saying that I don't have an official Monday post this week because I've been busy working on my book for the first time in, um, awhile, and also contributing to an uber-awesome project we have going on over at Smashing Stories for October (more on that later).

But look, I have videos! The first has some handy advice from YA author Jackson Pearce.

I don't have any good reason for the second one, other than it makes me laugh. A lot. And we could all use that on a Monday, right?

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Sara B. Larson said...

It does take lots of energy, that's for sure. When I first saw the writer's advice about seven or eight months ago, I went through it and typed up the whole thing so I could reread it all over and over. Some very profound stuff in there. Keep on keeping on! :)