Monday, September 13, 2010

Mo, the Muse, and Me

Meet Mo. She has a lot to say, but only to make demands or express displeasure. She's graceful and delicate; a sly ghost. Master flirt. Everybody loves Mo. People gasp and aww when they see her, and that's just the way she likes it. She won't be coerced, reasoned, or bargained with. She comes when she decides to, never when I call her.

Hmm. Rather like the Muse, don't you think?

I imagine that, much like Mo, the Muse has personal space issues. Petting? Maybe. Praise? Certainly. But she doesn't cuddle. And good heavens, do not try to pick her up.

The Muse sure is moody. We often make plans to do lunch. I'll be there at the appointed time with my open laptop and mug of cocoa puffs. Sometimes the Muse shows up. Usually, she ditches me. She's aloof, but demanding too. She drops in when it's most inconvenient - like when I'm at work, or church, or asleep - announcing that I'd better produce something to write with (even if it's an old eyeliner) and something to write on (that Walgreen's receipt will do) because she's got new stuff for me and it is good and if I don't catch it now I'll be sorry because the Muse does not repeat herself.

Yeesh. I'd bet Mo and the Muse would get along really well.

Is that not a face that says, "I am aloof, yet demanding," and also, "I am so unimpressed with you right now"?

However, Mo has a weakness: sugar. The smell of sweetness renders her powerless. It started with my grandpa stealthily sharing Ensure with her. Now, this kitty will do just about anything for the tiniest nibble of cookie dough. One little taste of cool whip from your finger, and she's your friend forever.

I wonder, would that work on the Muse?

One of our friends over at Smashing Stories would say this question is irrelevant. Instead of relying on the ever-flighty Muse, we need to discover the sweet for ourselves. I could be down with that. Anything that encourages to seek out more sugar, writing or otherwise, must be a good thing, right? But I have to try the Muse one last time. Just to be absolutely sure.

Oh wise and gracious Muse, won't you please come down from your hallowed perch on high and inspire me?

Come on! Help a girl out. I have ice cream . . .

Oh, fine. Guess it's all up to me. I didn't really want to share my ice cream anyway.


Janiel Miller said...

Hah! Love it. Mo is the quintessential cant, yeah? And you're right about the muse not repeating herself. I like the idea of taking more responsibility for sugar.

jenna said...

you didn't tell me about the sugar fetish! I could have made a pal for life! she barely tolerated me as it was.

Sara B. Larson said...

Ha ha, that's too funny. She is beautiful. BTW, left you guys an award on my blog. Check it out. :)

Russo said...

Maegan, I seriously loved this post-How clever to make a muse similar to a cat. So flipping true.

And Sara that was so kind of you with the award. Thank you so much!