Sunday, October 17, 2010

Monster Mash

*Warning: The following post is pure geek, with a little gore thrown in.

My mom recently confessed that her all-time favorite scary movie was The Creature from the Black Lagoon. "Huh?," I said. The one where the guy in a rubber suit does the breast stroke in slow motion? But it got me thinking: there's a pattern to this. We do seem to have a thing for monster movies in my family. It's not unusual to catch my mom watching The 13th Warrior on a regular basis. I bet she could quote the whole thing.

She wasn't squeamish about starting us off early. I think I was about seven the first time I got to stay up late to watch Alien. Oh sure, it scared the blinking firebugs out of me (and I don't recommend that movie, or anything else I'm about to mention, for children), but it also set the ball rolling. I could spend two hours watching Sigourney Weaver outsmart a monster with nothing but a cattle prod and her wits, and still wake up safe in my own bed the next morning. It's one of my favorites to this day. (Also, the cat survives, which is always a bonus in my book.)

On Christmas Day a few years ago, we went as a family to a double feature of I Am Legend and Aliens vs. Predators - because nothing says "holiday cheer" like a good gore-fest (yes, we're that weird). I know I'd want Will Smith in my corner when the zombie apocalypse comes. But I'm afraid I can't talk about the epic awfulness that was AvP2. I'm a little ashamed to admit I even saw it.

Then there's The Descent, in which an all-female group of spelunkers take on a tribe of subterranean bat-people. I was living in an old farmhouse in Vermont at the time. My roommate and I watched it at night, huddled together on the couch, screaming. It was awesome.

Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee were before my time (although Mr. Lee does the evil wizard and Sith Lord gigs quite well). Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula will always be the consummate vampire movie for me. The vampire crawls along castle walls, has a shadow with a mind of its own, makes lavender-colored sunglasses look cool, and most importantly, doesn't sparkle.

Or The Wolfman, with Benicio del Toro? Yeah, the story was lame and the gore a bit much, even for me. But the make-up was only about six different kinds of awesome! Who could forget the image of {Spoiler Alert!} Anthony Hopkins's clear, blue Welshman eyes staring out from all that menacing dark fur? That alone was worth the price of admission.

With all these macabre tendencies running around, you can imagine how psyched we were when one of our own recently entered the ranks of the undead. Lots of fake blood, a few sci-fi/fantasy references for comic relief, and my brother, Mike: everything you need for a proper zombie movie.

Sweet, huh?
He came home one night from filming
with all that make-up still attached to freak us out. Good times.

On Saturday night, we got to attend our first-ever premiere of said zombie movie, Ground Zero (no 9/11 reference intended). Mike rounded up all his zombie friends for a picture. (I only look painfully uncomfortable because the dude on the left is trying to zombify me, which would also explain Mike's look of severe confusion/concern. It's not because of any crippling self-consciousness issues on my part. Nope, none of that here. Not this Gnome Slayer.) Now if only I could find a way to take on an actual Alien, my Halloween would be complete.


Janiel Miller said...

Almost, you make me want to be a horror-geek. Fun post. ;)

Russo said...

So freaking cool~ Love the Halloween movies. And nice pic-your hair is so chic!

Maegan Langer said...

Thanks Russo!
Janiel, if you ever want to get me on video, you're going to have to become a horror geek first. Quid pro quo ;)

Janiel Miller said...

*gasp* That's a bit too much quid for my quo, honey. Seriously, I could die of fright. Did I ever tell you that one of the houses I lived in as a kid was like an "I see dead people" house? I'm serious. So, honestly, I could flashback and DIE. Right there during the movie. But hey, if you want that on your conscience, go ahead. Make that little quid pro quo.

(I'll just film you in your sleep, or something. You wait.)