Sunday, October 10, 2010

No Way Did THAT Just Happen!

October Challenge (one week late): Paranormal Experience

Hello all you valiant Gnome Slayers! Maegan's busy right now. She's gyrating around her room with Chris Brown's Forever cranked up on that thingy humans call an "iPod." Don't tell her I said this, but she's not the greatest dancer in the world. Let's hope she doesn't hurt herself.

But it's all good! Since this blog post is supposed to be all about me anyway, I volunteered to write it for her. My name's Quinley, but I'll be using The Divine Miss Q as my blogger alias. Maegan is my person. I'm famous. No seriously, I am. All of Maegan's friends looove me (whattup Auntie Jenna!). Even people that don't like dogs love me. I'm that irresistible.

Let me start off by saying that as persons go, Maegan is pretty conservative. She's not into Tarot or psychic hotlines or astrology or any of those other freaky things humans turn to for answers. She talks to me all the time, though. I've heard her say to other humans how I kind of look like Yoda. I wasn't so sure about that at first. I mean, he's green. And hairless. He's like a little, shriveled pseudo-human. But whatever. What do you think?

Hm. I guess we do kind of have the same ears.

Anyway, there was this one time Maegan had this lady come to our house. I guess she'd been hearing stories about how the lady was an "animal communicator" and she wanted to find out whether it was for real or not. Well, duh. I could tell the moment the lady arrived that she was legit. I remembered how Maegan says that I look like Yoda, and by then I'd gotten used to the idea. So I told the lady that I was like Yoda. It looked like my person was a little freaked out by that, and I felt kinda bad. But I wanted Maegan to know I pay attention.

Maegan must have liked the lady, because she came back again awhile later. I was even more glad this time, because I had something really important to say. There's this other guy that comes to our house a lot. I think he's Maegan's uncle or something. Anyway, he loves me too, because duh, everyone loves me. But I heard him say once that he was going to put me in the washing machine. Whaaaaa? Why would he do that? That doesn't even make sense. So when the lady came to talk for me, I was all, "Please don't put me in the washing machine. That would not be a good idea at all." My person was really freaked out by this. But her uncle was there that day and he admitted he said it in the first place. And I was like, "I told you." Apparently, humans do this thing called "joking," where they say stuff they don't actually mean. It's some kind of game, I guess. Man, humans are weird.

Hey, this was fun! Maybe Maegan will let me do it again sometime. I'll ask her as soon as she stops dancing. Don't forget to leave a comment to tell me how much you love me!


jenna said...

Quinley, how did I know that writing would be one of your hidden talents... please don't tell the animal communicator about that washer incident at my house k? (just kidding Maegan!)

Holly said...

love you Quinley----i'm bringing something for you but you'll have to wait until the 12/20 to find out what it is. Here's a hint-swollemhsram