Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quarterly Report the First

Back in January, when I announced that I was finally going to put the neverending-saga-that-is-finishing-my-first-draft out of its misery by the end of the year, I also promised to provide regular updates here on Challenging the Gnome to keep myself honest.

Well my fellow Gnome Slayers, we are now at the end of March, and I am nothing if not honest. So here's how it goes thus far:

Soon after my announcement, I fired one of my three main characters. Yep, that's right. I cut her loose, just like that. Then about a day later . . . I hired her back. But only on the condition that she step up and start being interesting, gosh darnit, because that is her job as the heroine and moral center of the story. Around this time, I was lamenting to Janiel about my frustration with this particular character. She pointed out that said character isn't boring, she's the lone straight man in a cast of nutjobs. And perhaps maybe, I was being a little too critical of her. Me? The perfectionist? Critical?!? No!

At the beginning of the year, I had roughly 45K written. Now I have roughly . . . 50K. I know. 5000 words over 3 months is pretty pathetic. But the difference this time is rather than getting stuck in that Dark Pit of Despair and Frustration, where I'm convinced I'll never, ever finish and I'm not a writer and I'm a failure and it was stupid to ever try in the first place (and that all sounds very silly when I see it written out like that), now it's more like, life happens. You get bored. You get busy. You need a break sometimes. But I'll get back to the book, because I know I'll start missing the story if I stay away from it long enough.

Final thoughts: I'm still slow. Maybe a little lazy. But still marching ahead, at my own leisurely pace. Never fear - I'm still planning to git 'er done.

Thus ends Quarterly Report the First.


Robin said...

Yay Meagan! 5000 words is 11 percent more than you had last quarter. That is a very significant increase.

Janiel Miller said...

Awe. Some. You are refining your approach and finding your personal groove. Way to go!

Slowly but surely, my friend. Slowly but surely.

Maegan Langer said...

Thanks, ladies :)

Russo said...

Maegan, I think you are so incredible. Seriously, you have a writing style that has always touched me. Go you on this huge accomplishment!