Monday, April 11, 2011

Stalker Birds and Fairy Tales

Janiel's Friday post was a shiny surprise after a slightly stressful week. I loves my blog partners too!

Soooo, there's this robin that's been stalking me all week. I hear him crashing into my bedroom window, starting around 7 am every morning. The cats think it's the most entertaining thing ever.

"Look into my eyes . . ."

A friend of mine told me that her parents had a similar problem at their house. She suggested that maybe the robin has become twitterpated with his own reflection. It is spring, after all. Or at least it's trying to be. Kind of.

Sneaking a peak over the front door.

I've never been stalked before. I guess it was flattering at first, but now it's kind of annoying. Especially since the window sills and front step are covered with little bird presents.

Poor little narcissistic bird. It makes me a bit sad, to be honest. Sorry buddy, but you just ain't my type.

In other news, I saw HANNA this weekend. Oh my goodness, what an awesome flick. If you haven't seen it yet, you may want to scroll right on by, because there will be spoilers.

Maybe I'm really weird, but the whole movie felt like a modern, dark fairy tale to me. Or maybe just modern, since most fairy tales were already dark before Disney turned them all warm and fuzzy. Anyway, I love a good fairy tale. Not only does it reference Grimms' fairy tales throughout, but the story itself was your basic hero's quest. Hanna, the innocent - albeit deadly, butt-kicking - Princess leaves her sheltered kingdom, an isolated winter forest, to sally forth into the world to meet her destiny. All the while, she's pursued by an Evil Queen (Cate Blanchett) and her troupe of sadistic, German-sounding minions. Hanna and her father (Eric Bana - EEEE!) also speak with German accents, which makes you wonder if this detail was another nod to the Brothers Grimm.

The story did have a few logical issues. The whole Big Reveal of Hanna's true origins at the end was rather lame and unoriginal. (And really, why couldn't her father have just told her the whole truth from the beginning? He taught her how to kill people but he didn't think she could handle the truth? What was the big deal?)(Well, because there had to be a Big Reveal at the end to make the story work. But still. You'd think that with such an ingenious plot up to that point, they would've tried a teeny bit harder for a better ending. But I'm not bitter.)

Cate Blanchett is always amazing, whether she's an Elf Queen, 16th-century British Queen, or Evil Rogue Agent Ice Queen. And as this story's Snow White, how beautiful/tough/eerie is Saoirse Ronan? I'm thinking she's going to be around for quite some time.


Janiel Miller said...

Okay, definitely going to see "Hannah." I haven't even heard of it. Love great obscure movies like that.

Funny bird! Wonder if it will ever get sick of itself? I posted on funky, funny birds today too, if you wanna go check it out (you being an animal aficionado and all, maybe you can tell me if this is normal bird behavior.) www.janielmiller.com

Enjoyed the post, Chicklet!.

My Mommymoon said...

My Mommymoon stopping over to say hello and thanks for stopping by my blog.

This is a great site..my 13 year old is the biggest reader in our family, she will likje some of these stories.

Sara B. Larson said...

Huh, I thought Hanna was some sort of horror movie from the previews I saw. I immediately nixed it from my list. Now I'm confused...

Maegan Langer said...

Welcome, My Mommymoon - thanks for commenting!

Sara - HANNA is about a girl who's raised to be an assassin by her ex-CIA father. It's more of a thriller, although there are some horrific moments. And like I said, I could just be really weird for thinking of it as a fairy tale :)

Russo said...

This is one of my fave posts- I love the bird shots and I wonder what is going on in the lil robins mind? And I am so gonna see Hanna after your review.