Friday, June 24, 2011

Throw It All Out There - Butz Style

Check out this Broadway dude. You've gotta watch the whole thing. He gets crazier and crazier as he goes along:

Norbert Leo Butz. He won the Tony for Best Actor in a Musical this year. Can you see why? He's Mr. Crazypants, vocally speaking-wise. I have no idea why his vocal chords weren't flying right out of his chest by the end of this number. Or how he did this every night for 2 years. And what about that dance style? Perfect for the character.

I have a crush on Norbert Leo Butz now. Because the man throws it all out there. Nothing held back. Slams his voice and his body and his sensibilities to the wind, and rides the jet-stream all the way to his destination.

To quote King Louis from the Jungle Book: I wanna walk like him, talk like him, be like him. He won the Tony for not being afraid to hold nothing back. Well, very little back. He held that which was appropriate back. So I'm not advocating completely losing your mind. But what a blast he seems to be having. What a blast to watch him. 

Throw yourselves out there, people. Have some joy. Who cares if it ends up dork-city? You only live once, you know?


Robin said...

Wow. He's terrific!

Mr Lonely said...

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Russo said...

I couldn't get over this post- very creative. The dude is inspiring, I'm glad you shared.