Friday, July 1, 2011


Hey there, dear Peeps!

We here at the gnome-slaying mecca of the world would like to tell you about a little anniversary we have coming up . . . well . . . TODAY! We started this blog one year ago. *streamers, confetti, non-alcoholic-sparkling-grape-juice, sugar-boat-loads of chocolate* And what a year it has been. Lots of learning, lots of fun, three very unlikely friends who totally do like each other, and who go hang out and get frozen yogurt and laugh our (as Russo would say) toukuses off on as regular a basis as possible.

But we couldn't have done ANYTHING without y'all dudes. You totally cool people who read and comment and are so nice and supportive. You're AWESOME!

So, now we'd like to do something for you. We're going to have a contest. It will run for two weeks, and here's how it will go down: Our challenge of the Month for July goes out to you. Each of us will post a completely absurd picture of ourselves on our posting day this week (mine starts today. obviously :). All you have to do--if you want to participate--is come up with the best, silliest, goofiest, funniest caption to match the picture that you can possibly think of, and post it in the comments for that post. You can do it for just one picture if you like, or you can do it for all three. There will be a prize (involving chocolate, and other stuff) for the best caption for each picture (so, three prizes in all. If you're ΓΌber clever you could win all three. Just sayin'.) And one grand prize for the dude or dudette who says the stinkin' dang funniest thing over all. (There's chocolate AND written words for that one. Written word that looks something like this:)

Now, bear in mind that the judging will be completely subjective. We're the judges. We are occasionally lunatics. Occasionally. So it's going to totally depend on how we feel and how much frozen yogurt we've consumed.

Also bear in mind that I am seriously either pre-menopausal or menopausal (all votes say the latter), Maegan is in the throes of throwing all writing out the window and going to Wales, and Russo . . . well, bless her fuzzy head. It could be anything: Lortab, bugs up noses, hashish-brownies. You know. What I'm trying to say is, our funny may not be other peoples' funny, but that's all right. We'll do our best. And we'll have more contests in the future to try to spread the gnome-slaying weirdness around.

Right, darlings. Let the contest begin. My picture is the goofy one above. Please put your captions in the comments box for this post. We'll leave the contest open for two weeks, then we'll decide on the winners and let you know. You can go back and comment any of the contest posts at any time. We'll try to remember to link back to the pictures in our posts during the contest. Also, once I figure out if I can actually FIND the thing we want to give out as part of the prizes, will give you more details on them. :)

Thanks, all you gnome-eradicating-people! We heart you!

 (*sending ultra-funnyness vibes your way*)


Shelly said...

Did ya'll see where that alien went? I think he went up...

Robin said...

Caption: What the heck just flew up my skirt?

jjsundevil said...

Loves this blog
loves the pics

Russo said...

Janiel, you are incredible. You summed up our contest perfectly and you made me laugh till I snort as well.

Janiel Miller said...

Well, I love making you snort, Russ. :)
Hey James! Hearts to you!

Jen McNaughton said...

You want to put that in here? Oh No, No, No. That's not gonna happen. Gross!