Friday, August 5, 2011

Author Interview! With a REAL Author! And A Contest! Caleb Warnock: Part 3

Yo, yo. Whattup, Gnomies? Gnome-slayahs? Y'all still with us on this odyssey of Self-Sufficiency? Well hang tight, peeps. There are a few totally cool clips still to come today, and then it's time for the drawing. So comment, Gnomeboys and girls! Name some chickens! Get your friends to follow us and have them name some chickens, and then tell us you got them to follow us, and you'll be entered in the drawing again! More chances to win, Gnomies. That's what we're talking about.

Yesterday we got all figgy-widdit. Today we're goin' down. And I mean 8 feet down. But first we'll start with the chicks. This is where Russo and Maegan really get into the chicken-naming thing. And also where we witness the social strata of poultrydom:

Voilá! Inside the greenhouse. (Try not to notice the part where the camera-person falls down the stairs.) My memory card runs out during this and we have to stop and finish in the next clip. But I included this so you get a good feel for the underground-ness of the place.

Now, fair warning: I went all Michael Bay with the cinematography here, thinking I was artfully displaying everything in this tiny space, but no. You're going to need an air-sickness bag. Press the Alt-key and hold it for 10 seconds to dispense one for yourself.

And finally, the farewell to Caleb. In which we get all off track as Maegan exclaims about the general ickyness of grasshoppers and Caleb teaches me the natural way to keep aphids off of my tomatoes. And I keep talking and TALKING and interrupting. But we end on a flower shot, so, you know, it sort of works as a farewell piece. Yeah.

All right, people-y peeps! Get those brain cells cracking and come up with some brilliant hen-handles for Caleb's poultry-pets. And then YOU could be the winner of this:

Now, ain't that purty? Please support your local Caleb and run out and buy a copy. If you don't win, that is. Even if you do win. It's a great little gem. And mega thanks to Mr. Warnock for letting us run amock in his garden, and for not yelling at me when I kept filming his chin because I could never remember how tall he was.

And thank YOU for watching and reading and being here!


shelly said...

Hey! Got my copy of How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack. Thanks guys!!!

Janiel Miller said...

Yay! Thanks for letting us know, Shelly.

Robin said...

Chicken names: Penny, Little, Snowdrop [I'm fielding lots of suggestions from the peanut gallery here...]

Those were great videos. I really enjoyed the tour - even with the wild cinematography.

Maegan Langer said...

Ooo, I like Snowdrop!

And you are most welcome, Shelly!

Russo said...

I love the wording Gnome-slayahs. You have such a voice when you write, girl. I also liked figgy-widdit and hen-handles.

I had a blast runing amock in his garden with you both!