Saturday, August 6, 2011

Last Chance to Win Caleb Warnock's Book! AND Our Sponsor (sort of)

Thanks to everyone who has and is still participating in our contest! "Forgotten Secrets of Self-Sufficiency" is a great little book, with lovely pictures and a plethora of tips and tricks to make your gardening experience easier, more organic, and more productive. So, if you are interested in something like this, please name one of Caleb's 33 chickens in our comment section, and you'll be entered. You can enter on each post from this week. And there's no pressure. Your suggested name doesn't have to be brilliant. If it were me, I'd go with "Nervana." Seems like a good chicken name.

And now for a little pitching of a local business: Our contest this week was brought to you by Joe's Cafe, in the teeming metropolis of north Orem. Mostly because that is where we were when we came up with our ideas for this thing. Joe is from Texas and his personality is just as big. So is his food. We should have taken pictures of our bacon sausage mushroom omelets and honey-butter belgium waffles and tuna sandwiches with potato salad, and buttery grits and sweet potato pie. (It was brunch. There were three of us. We were hungry.) The food is big, bold and beautiful, and Joe will make you feel welcome. How do I describe this man? He's a riot. Oh, here. I'll just post a clip:

So, go to Joe's (next time you're in town), and name Caleb's chickens (next time you hit our blog) (today). And either way, have a fanTASTic weekend!


Robin said...

Caleb needs to have a chicken named Sue.

Tell Joe I said hi.

Janiel Miller said...

You got it, babe.

Maegan Langer said...

Good old Joe. Watching that clip makes me giggle all over again.

Russo said...

Haha- Nervana. Definatly a good chicken name!

Ah, Joe's. What a good day, I loved gallavating around the city with you both. And that food- Oh, I dream about the sweet potato pie.