Friday, September 9, 2011

Back and Back and Back to School

Sooooo. The Challenge of the Month for September is--are you ready for it?--Back to School. I know. You've heard that somewhere before.

It's a nice topic and we can all relate to it (presumably), but it gives me a little bit of a problem. I mean, would that be Back to Sandia Base Elementary School, or Back to Panorama Elementary School, or Back to Apple Grove Elementary School, or Back to Ramstein Elementary School? 

Perhaps it means Back to Ramstein Junior High. Or Back To Timpview High School. Possibly Back to Orem High School. Or maybe even Back to Mountain View High School.

And don't even get me started on college.

The problem is, there are so many schools I went back to, I can't keep them straight. The consequence of being an Air Force brat. 

One universal characteristic about all of them, though, was that they started in the Fall. Every Fall, and every school. And that's the perfect time for a brand new fresh beginning, unsullied by last year's mistakes, or silliness, or just tiredness of certain subjects and teachers. There's something invigorating about a crisp new season filled with new goals, new learning, new friends, and most important, new clothes. 

Man, I loved the back to school shopping for new clothes ritual. Not because I got a whole new wardrobe each Autumn, like some people I knew. We didn't have either the money or the lack of practicality for that. But I'd get a few really great pieces with which to revamp my old stuff--a lot of which was hand-me-down from my sisters, and even some stuff I'd raided from my mom's boxes of clothes from the '60's. And most of those Back-to-School pieces? They'd be Fall-weather ready. And those were the best. Clothes just moving away from the heat and into the crisp, with wonderful warm colors, and always a bit of plaid.

I still feel that energy, and want to pull out the plaid in the Fall. And it's been fun to watch my kids get all excited as they get their own add-on pieces and I try to talk them into a bit of the tartan--Stewart-red or Black-Watch green.  (We're Scotch-Irish. Our blood is plaid. Stuarts, O'Briens, and McGuires will haunt me if my children don't wear something in our colors for Fall.) And if I can also convince them to buy something in orange and black, with maybe a mini bat or cat or ghost on it--even cooler. Especially the older kids.

Ahhh, back to school. I love it. It just needs to last longer.  Like all the way to Spring.

My oldest kidlets when they were little dudes, decked out for Fall--back in the days of big hair, long zippers, horsey bangs, and pants that made a mother's hips look like she could serve drinks off of them.


Robin said...

I love Fall. I love school supplies. New paper, new pens, notebooks, index cards. And the weather - that cool crisp bite is such a break from the oven of summer.

Elle Strauss said...

Love your pic and description--yeah, been there!

Russo said...

Oh, look how sweet that pic is- you look grooving girl. I love happiness you all have in the pic.

I cannot believe how many times you have moved. Its incredible, you've been everywhere. I admire the way you can just dig in and enjoy life, no matter where you are.