Monday, September 26, 2011

Wake Me Up When September Ends

October has always been my favorite month. Maybe because it's my birthday month. Maybe because Halloween is the best holiday ever invented. This October is fixing to be truly epic. Wanna know why? Oh, good! Because I have a whole list of reasons.

1. Not one, but two books that I can't wait to read are coming out in October: HOW TO SAVE A LIFE by Sara Zarr and THE SCORPIO RACES by Maggie Stiefvater.

My personal reading tastes lean more towards stuff with at least some element of fantasy. Nevertheless, I'm a huge fan of Sara Zarr's contemporary YA books. She doesn't shy away from subject matter that isn't exactly warm and fuzzy and her narrators are always so honest and spot-on. Plus all of her books have such pretty covers.

I've talked about my Maggie Stiefvater obsession before. Her stories always contain an element of fantasy, sprinkled with a healthy dose of teen angst, sarcasm, and romance. Honestly, she had me at SHIVER. Her books also have pretty covers. Maybe I'm just a sucker for pretty book covers.

2. Odd that I've never mentioned this on the blog before, but I love Sting. A lot. I grew up listening to his music. Long before Viggo, there was Sting. How considerate of him to release a Best of 25 Years album just in time for my birthday!

Don't stare too long. You could go blind.

3. Disneyland! My favorite vacation spot in the world (apart from Wales, of course). First stop: the re-vamped Star Tours ride. Then it'll be nice to visit some old favorites: Indiana Jones, Splash Mountain, Tower of Terror, and I haven't been back since they came to their senses and restored Captain Eo. I mean, really? Honey I Shrunk the Audience? I'm sure glad that's over.

4. New Zealand! This could become my new favorite vacation spot. But I won't know unless I go there, right? So it's a good thing I'm going there. As soon as I finish up at Disneyland, I'm heading down to Middle Earth to tour with the North American Welsh Choir. Which reminds me, we haven't had a Welsh song in a little while.


shelly said...

I just want to get off the busy train September has made for me. Or rather what I made it to be. I just want to sit with my 'precious' MS and write and write and write.

Cassidy Jo said...

I love Sting too! You have really good taste :) Thanks for the list of books...sounds like something I need to go check out.

Janiel Miller said...

Well you have given me plenty to try. I love Sting. And I've been meaning to read Maggie and Sara, soooo . . . got any books I can borrow, Maegan? I'll loan you Supernaturally in return.

And Shelly, *sigh* I feel the same way. We need one extra day in the week where everything else freezes and we can just write, write, write.

Maegan Langer said...

Do I have any Sara or Maggie books? Psh. How long have you known me, Janiel?

William Kendall said...

I think HBO is going to have to sue the lads for completely ripping off the image for a certain miniseries. Yes, I know, bringing the lawyers into the whole mix is a rotten thing...

Janiel Miller said...

Ack! William! You wrote the "L"-word! My eyes! My eyes!

Eh. My brother-in-law is a lawyer, and he's pretty cool.

Maeg - I totally know you have the books. Just don't know if you HAVE the books. Like, are they in residence with you and not loaned out, as you are wont to do. Soooo, I'd like to put my order in for "Shiver" and whatever Sara Zarr book you'd recommend. :)

Russo said...

Oh, those books are on my must read list too. I bet you are gonna be reading like mad on your major flight-lucky!

And is it just me or does Sting get even hotter as the years pass? YUM

I love your posts like this because they always get me pumped for the good stuff in the future, books, music and etc.