Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Author Interview! Loraine Scott, Maestro of Murder and Mayhem, Part 2

Here we are again, my dears. The lovely Loraine Scott and her cozy book of murder. Today we learn a bit about how one crafts a murder mystery. Which has always been a mystery to me. I admire anyone who can think that way. I mean as a writer. Not a murderer. Just to be clear.

Voilá, Loraine (along with the elegant Maegan, and the loud Janiel. Russo is lending support from off camera, bless her):

Were you taking notes? I like the idea of the binders of info to keep track of everything. Sometimes you need paper and pen in your hands rather than keys on the computer. Bit more personal that way.

On to the Mickey Mouse room. Loraine can do anything. We kid you not. The reference to Maegan's dress came about because Loraine took on the job of hemming Maeg's choir dress so she can wear it on her Welsh Choir tour to New Zealand. And just so you know, NEITHER RUSSO OR I ARE JEALOUS THAT SHE GETS TO GO. Nope. We are happy, HAPPY FOR HER WE TELL YOU. (And in truth, we are.)

So. Um. Mickey:

And now you know all about Loraine. She's cool. Her writing is cool. Leave a comment, win her book, and you'll be cool. Oh wait! You already are! Well, you'll be entertained then.

Tune in Friday for the Interview Blooper Reel--some of which is downright embarrassing to some of us.

See you then!


Robin said...

Great segment on her process. Thanks for the peek into her thinking!

jjsundevil said...

i need bok 1 n stat

William Kendall said...

Terrific segment! Thanks for posting!

Russo said...

These video's were awesomely shot.

I am so grateful I know you all.

PS- I freaking love the Disney room- Makes me happy.