Friday, October 21, 2011

BLOOPER REEL! The Ridiculous! The Embarrassing! The Silly! The Us!

SO. Welcome to the Blooper Reel And Other Embarrassing Stuff. We're sort of horrified to be putting this up here, but we are willing to sacrifice our dignity for our readers. Because you're that wonderful, and we're that devoted. 

First up we have an attempt at beginning the whole Loraine Scott interview in rather a creative and entertaining way. It being the month of Halloween and all, we thought we'd go a little "Blair Witch," and do a spoofy, slightly creepy, somehow inspiring and enlightening beginning that was reminiscent of the amateur/art-house-filmed horror adventure that took place in Blair county. Or Blair something. I'm not sure. I've never seen it. Just the commercials. Anyway, we went all dark and spooky to meet Ms. Scott, and this is the result: The Blair Gnome Project. Which, after we saw it, we determined to be too goofy to add to the actual interview footage. Instead, we'll show it here. Note Russo's giggles, Maegan's quiet shyness which masquerades as dignity, and my general spazziness, which works on stage, but is kind of awful here. Ah well. Enjoy. The Blair Gnomes:

Here we have Maegs and me suddenly realizing our mouths are full of gum, which won't do for the interview. Luckily Russo steps in at the last moment to save the day, bless her:

My kid was kind enough to take time off from her life as a college student to film us. Here you get a split second of her voice. You might recognize it from the Blair Gnome clip above. (And don't give me that look, young lady! I'm giving you your 15 minutes of fame! Except it's 3 seconds! You should be grateful!)

Russo preferred to offer quiet support on this venture, so we didn't get a lot of footage or audio of her or her questions. Instead, we got some interesting close-up footage of how her hands entertain themselves when her mind is otherwise occupied. Busy little cutie-patooties, aren't they?

Busy as well were Maegan's feet. Cute. Dainty. And tap dancing all over the place. Lookee:

And finally, since this is an interview with a writer of murder, I thought maybe we should go ahead and create that Halloween-y mood by including a little blip that we originally cut out because of it's . . . well . . . you'll see:

All right, my darlings. There you have it: Your Gnomeslayers--instilling in you confidence that we shall overcome and slay our gnomes! Yours too, most likely, while we're at it. But probably by accident.

(And P.S., don't tell Maegan and Russo that I got the footage of their busy hands and feet. They don't know and would probably kick me off the blog.)

(P.P.S. - Forgive the lousy quality. Apparently my camera isn't as good as I thought it was. It does add a certain je ne sais quois quality to the whole thing though, doesn't it? DOESN'T IT? I agree.)


Robin said...

Funny! And it does add a certain je ne sais quois quality to the whole thing.

I have to say, though---I'm going to be careful under trees for a while. eew.

densleyjazzfan said...

RUSSIE 4give me but you fidget a lot. hand sanitzer, gum, hand flicks makes me laugh. loves to U

densleyjazzfan said...

hey my cutie paootie ala paloozie gnomies. brandis here, I kicked Scotty off. funnnnny blooper real

Janiel Miller said...

Guys! Good to see you here again! I hope Russo forgives me. Maegs too. But I figured I'm so obnoxious on these clips, I'd hate for them to not get to feel obnoxious too. We're there for each other like that.

William Kendall said...

Very funny!

"Dead bodies don't bother me..."

Maggots on the other hand...

Russo said...

I loved the blooper reel. So freaking funny. I had no idea I fidgeted so much. Holy cow, my and my gum, hand sanitizer and nail picks.

PS- Janiel, i love your humor describing the things in your posts.