Friday, March 30, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Guest Vlog Review!

Dudes! We are SO excited! We have finally been able to get eminent movie previewer (or to say it as she has so famously coined it: PruViewer) and social commentateress, Caytelynne, to grace our blog with one of her riveting movie PruViews. Today, guest vlogger Caytelynne will pruview "Breaking Dawn, Part 2," which I'm sure has kept all of you up nights with 'bated anticipation.

We don't need to tell you but we will, that Caytelynne is famous for having a sense for movies without actually seeing them. She has totally accurately except for the parts that weren't, pruviewed such movies as Breaking Dawn, Thor, and Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol--although the latter pruView was deemed unfit too highbrow for public consumption and has not yet been released.

Well, as the pruViewer herself would say: Without Furthera Doo we give you Breaking Dawn Part 2, pruViewed by Cayetlynne.

(Here's the Breaking Dawn 2 trailer so you can see how freakishly dead-on Caytelynne is. Mostly. Pretty much. Click Here.)


densleyjazzfan said...

THOR!!!!! Brandis loves Twilite but I love Thor.

Maegan Langer said...

Thank you for this public service, Caytelynne. Now I don't even need to see the movie! So you take requests? Will you do John Carter next pleeease??

Janiel Miller said...

Todally! I'll Todally PruView John Carter. But only by popular request. Are you popular?

Maegan Langer said...

Um, not as popular as I'd like to be. Could you give me some pointers?

William Kendall said...

Can we drive a stake through the heart of Breaking Dawn part the second?

Janiel Miller said...

Yes William, yes we can. Although I think Caytelynne's review might have done that . . . Or at least poked it in the eye.

Russo said...

Yeah, three cheers for Caytelynne! BTW I love the spelling of her name, the minute I saw the spelling I knew I was in for a wild ride :)

Yeah, this is such a funny character-I vote for more!