Friday, April 20, 2012

A Matter of Perspective

Drawing by Frits Ahlefeldt
This has been a funky week.
It's amazing how things can pile up and you just deal with them and move along and carry your load. You may have stress from work or school, or trying to write, trying to get published. All of your kids may be riddled like swiss cheese with hormones that must all firehose out of them at precisely the same time. You may have marital challenges, or the challenge of not being married. A spouse or significant other who just keeps saying the wrong thing. Or you keep saying the wrong thing to them. And either way you just want to slap something. You may have boyfriend/girlfriend issues of all types: people speaking to you or not speaking to you. Political-religious differences. You may be worried about family or friends and their struggles. There might be sick children, employment/unemployment issues, or just a serious lack of inspiration on your "What To Cook For Dinner" page. Most likely you've got some or all of these going on at once. And life might feel a tad strenuous if you sit and really look at it all. It's easier not to look.

But really, you ought to look. Look at everything you're doing! It's amazing. I mean, who can multitask like that? 150 years ago all people had to worry about was getting the cows milked and the crop in. Don't get me wrong; my husband grew up on a farm. I know it's a lot of non-stop unbelievably hard work. But it was a handful of big things on those to-do lists. Easier to look at and take in and organize. And it didn't change much from day to day. Now? Our lists are endless. Our running around like proverbial headless chickens unfathomable to our forebears. Crazypants, the amount of stuff we shove into one day. Amid much more stress and distress, I think, than used to exist in life.

But you're doing it. So congratulate yourself for getting it all done. You're amazing! And it's okay to take a moment to slow down once in a while and notice the peaceful, happy, good stuff. You don't want your body to slow down for you. There's a lot of good, even with the crazy. And if that's what we look at, that's what our lives will be. Good.

So, go you! You're a tiger. Grab that day. And have a lot of fun while you're at it. Meet me at the FroYo shop tonight and we'll discuss it over pineapple/coconut swirl. With kiwi. And mochi.



William Kendall said...

Good blog, and very timely!

Now I feel compelled to eat something with pineapple and coconut....

Janiel Miller said...

I'm glad it resonated, William! A compulsion to eat pineapple and coconut is never a bad thing . .

Russo said...

Oh girl, I hear ya, the stresses in life are just crazy. And you have much more going on than me. I don't know how you do it, you amaze me.

PS- I vote we get some fro-yo soon :)