Monday, May 7, 2012

Martian Link-Fest!

The ladies of Challenging the Gnome have a bit of a crush on John Carter - both the movie and the man (although we often refer to the movie as John Carter of Mars, because John Carter by itself as a title is just stupid). If you'd like to know how much we love this transplanted Earth-man turned savior of Mars, you can read my thoughts here, Janiel's review on her blog here, and don't forget to check out  Caytelynne's PruView here.

Well, it turns out we're not alone. There are loads of other John Carter fans out there. There's even a whole online movement gunning for sequels on Facebook, fansites, and forums. I know we're all being bombarded with Avengers-this and Avengers-that right now. And yeah, Iron Man's sarcastic little quips are funny and Hawkeye sure can wield that bow like nobody's business and the Hulk gets to smash stuff and Loki's got those big, blue eyes that you can't help but feel a little sorry for and Thor is there in all his tall, blonde, Norse god-ness . . . Okay, maybe I have a crush on Thor too.

My point is, John Carter (of Mars) is a great film. Go see it. Trust me on this. Would I lead you astray? Pay no attention to the negative critics who have a tiny little box of sawdust where their imagination should be. See it in the theatre before it's too late, because everyone needs to experience Barsoom* on the big screen at least once.

*The Martian word for Mars, according to Edgar Rice Burroughs


Janiel Miller said...


I think we might be the only geeks on this blog.

Russo said...

Oh major crush on John Carter-can I say hottness! Ah, Hawkeye's dreamy. Oh and Thor, okay seriously, I need to see the avengers with you girls.

Glad you went with this post idea!

jjsundevil said...

jon carter=cute
gonna buy it
no money mo problems

William Kendall said...

Ah, Johnny Carter, we hardly knew ye. Ye vanished from the box office receipts and theatres like dust in the wind.

Janiel Miller said...


Maegan Langer said...

DVD's, William. DVD's. I still have hope!

jjsundevil said...

love jon carter