Friday, August 31, 2012

In Which Maegan and Russo Fix My Writing Fear


That's what writes a story. Paints a picture. Parents a child.

Sometimes I complicate things. Like, I start thinking my book has got to be more complex than Harry Potter, more philosophical than anything written by Ayn Rand, longer lasting than Sophocles. And I get stuck.

I do this with my kids too. Try to raise them like I'm a Donna Reed/Martha Stewart/Dr. Phil mashup, and they're the poster-children for The Brady Bunch. It gets very stressful and overwrought. And it's pretty impossible. I need to do something different.

So I read Maegan's letter to her writer's block on Monday. Laughed through Russo's Embarrassing Moment post on Wednesday. And then I surfed YouTube and came across a little video, made by a student film maker. All of these things helped me remember that you can face your demons, whatever they might be, by implementing two mantras. The first by Robert Frost, the second by IDon'tKnowWho:

"The best way out is always through."
"Less is more."

And you know what? They both work. You want to get something done? You want to survive something personally terrifying? Stick it out, and chillax. It will float its own solution to the surface. And it will be clean and elegant, and make your life much easier in the long run. Like this sweet little animated flick:

See? Lovely. Simple. And while the creator of this film worried in his clip-description that it's too simple, he made and posted it anyway. And look how great it is!

*weep* Now I'm all verklempt. 
I'm going to go hug my children, kiss my husband, and write a book.


Shelly said...

Your book will be sooo cool.

Hugs and chocolate,

Nick Wilford said...

Good points. Sometimes overthinking things makes us just go round in circles.

Melanee said...

Love the mashup comment most of all. Too funny, and just a wee bit too true!

Janiel Miller said...

Oh Shelly, thank you! I hope you're right!

Nick - I know that circle toooooo well. :) Thanks for reading!

Melanee! I only tell the truth. Painfully. I am far too mashed-up! Thanks for reading, my friend!

Ca.ll.y said...

Can I rent Maegan/Russo for a few hours?

Maegan Langer said...

Ha ha! Cally, you're so sweet. If you can teach me how to finish a novel in under a decade, I'm happy to help you in any way you want!

William Kendall said...

If you're on occasion a mashup of Donna, Martha, and Doctor Phil, does that make you a cookie baking income tax evader with an aw shucks drawl in your voice?

Janiel Miller said...

Eeeeyep. That's pretty much spot-on. Except for the income tax evading.

Russo said...

How sweet are you to put us in your blog title. Do you know what's cool? You always help me with whatever I'm dealing with in writing and life. I just love you, girl.

I adore this blog post, less is more. I too need to remember this fact. And I love the video. It's time for me to chillax.