Monday, September 3, 2012

An Engineer's Guide to Cats

Happy Labor Day, everybody! Ironically, I'm not feeling very motivated to put in the labor for a proper post, it being a holiday and all. Instead, I'm going to share one of my favorite internet videos of all time.  I love "An Engineer's Guide to Cats" because I'm already on the fast-track to becoming a Crazy Cat Lady, but also because I know a few engineers, and they are their own breed, for sure. So enjoy this video, and then go out and enjoy the holiday. I'll be going to see Paranorman. How about you?


William Kendall said...


What splendid timing today!

Janiel Miller said...

My huz is an engineer, and he ain't nothin' like this. I think. In any case he is not a cat person. Not. He refers to small dogs, derisively, as cats.

Man. I just got a flashback of walking through the Clyde building to meet my then fiancé. I'm a little tripped out.

Suzi said...

That was funny. I know a lot of stereotypical engineers like that, although I am not one. I'm also not a cat person. I learned a little about cats though--thanks. :)

jjsundevil said...

kittys makes me hap hap happy

Russo said...

I just love this video, I always laugh when watching it. I'm so glad you put it on out blog because you know I'm going to come back a lot to watch it. Plus, the cats are super cute too.