Friday, November 2, 2012

What About Bob?

PRE-POST ANNOUNCEMENT! Before I begin today, I'd like to announce something we're REALLY excited about here on Gnomes. You've all heard of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) wherein participants write an entire novel in a month--generally the month of November. Well it started last night at midnight. And we have decided that we want to participate. Woot! But we're doing it our way, and we're calling it: LoGnoBloWriNoMo (Local Gnomes Bloggers Write a Novel in a Month). And  we are taking this SERIOUSLY people! You can tell by all the caps I used when I wrote SERIOUSLY. But it's also low stress: write what you want, when you want, how much you want. Or not. We totally respect all those people who cram out entire novels with plots and everything in a mere 30-ish days, and who don't cheat and come up with it all beforehand, and who all get published and as famous as JK Rowling and stuff. But you know, who likes stress? Sooo. There will be a little tracker over there (see? over there ->) to the right, showing you our progress. We even have a theme. Which is: "Paranormal Love-Triangle. Or possibly Love-Square. And It Could Include Paranormal Turnips and Things Like That." Yep. That's the theme. Cross your fingers for us! Unless you are participating in NaNoWriMo. That would just make it hard for you to type.

On to today's post!

A little while back my youngest dude asked me if he could write something for one of my blogs. This is a very creative and non-linear child, and if you've ever met him or know anything about him (he is regular fodder for my Facebook status updates) you know this is an opportunity not to be passed up. So I said yes, and then waited for the staggering work of heartbreaking genius that would emerge from his little cerebral cortex.

Well, a few days passed and the dudester came to me and said, "I have the post for your blog." Awesome! I asked him for it and he told me he'd email it to me, because he's all techno-savvy, being a a nearly eleven year-old boy.

And this is what he sent:


So I asked the boy if he was sure this was what he wanted me to post ("yes"), what it represented ("art. duh."), and what he wanted me to do with it. 

"Post it on your blog! Have people write stories about him. His name is Bob."


Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Bob. He has no life story. No biography. No curriculum vitae, if you will. My son wants him to have one. Please, please, won't you donate your brain cells to this worthy cause and provide Bob with a life? It can be short, since he clearly is. You may record your epic writing in the comments section of this post. Little Dude is waiting with 'baited breath and chocolate covered oreos.

Give Bob a life! Think of it as your own personal mini NaNoWriMo!

Bless you.


Robin said...

Bob has a scar on his left elbow from when he tried to skateboard down the steps outside his school one Saturday when his Great Aunt Monica was visiting. Aunt Monica is old and smells funny and always pinches his cheeks. He hates that, so he sneaked away to practice jumps on the steps. He crashed and got some serious pavement burn on his knee and left elbow. There was a lot of blood. It was cool. Aunt Monica didn't come near him because she didn't want blood all over her nice clothes. Plus, he learned how to do that jump, so it turned out to be a good weekend after all.

Janiel Miller said...

Awesome! Perfect for a 10 year-old boy. Thanks, Rob!

William Kendall said...

Bob never thought he could be a good subject for the photographers. And so he proved them all right one night, when he was photographed by a police booking officer. He was brought in on charges of theft, after stealing a truck full of Oreos...

Janiel Miller said...

Hahaha! Nicely warped story for my son's fresh young mind. Albeit the mind that created that picture...

Russo said...

My American Literature class robbed me of my LoGnoBloWriNoMo experience. I've been a basket case just trying to get throught this class. Someday we should do this again.

Ah, I love the pic the pic that your kid sent, it's very creative.

PS- I think Bob is a dentist who loves to break dance.

PPS- MMM, Choco covered Oreos.