Monday, December 10, 2012

Horrifyingly Amazing O Holy Night

Dudes. I'm hijacking Maegan's day because I simply must share this video with you. It is inspiring, filled with sincerity, and a whole lot of what looks like emotion-based seizures. This dude is brilliant. Perhaps you've heard the terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad version of O Holy Night, and it has made you a better person, as it has me. But I'll bet you haven't seen an awesome lip-syncing dude of awesomeness tripping along it like this:

Yeah *weep*. I know. I'm all verkelmpt-y and Chrismas spirit-y and stuff now too.  Peace and joy, babies.


Russo said...

This is seriously so funny, I'm snorting. Glad you hacked in and put it up. Thanks for making my day happy.

William Kendall said...


Make it stop!!!


Janiel Miller said...

I love this. The recording was a spoof done by some record engineers in the early 1990's after a particularly obnoxious recording session with a famous Christian singer. The studio switched owners, the tape was found, and it started floating around the internet. Then this kid watched it 10,000 in order to memorize every nuance, and did this hilarious lip-sync.

Sorry William. I know it hurts. But for me, it's mostly from laughter. :) I've heard every one of these singing gaffes in my life, and done a few of them myself.

My favorite is switching octaves near the end, and the big breath mid-phrase. Bwaaahahahahaha!