Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy King Frost Day/The Gnomes are Everywhere!

Today, I feel obligated to warn our readers in Oakland, California (in case there are any). Stay inside your homes! Hide your children and your pets! The Gnomes are coming!

Actually, they're already there. According to the Los Angeles Times, more than 2000 gnomes have popped up all over the city. Don't be fooled by their pernicious cuteness (because they are pretty darn cute). That's all part of the Oakland Gnomes' plan. Today it's just Oakland, but tomorrow, it's the world!

In other news, Prehistoric Shamanism is a neat little blog I've been following for awhile. Every post manages to satisfy both my inner history and mythology nerds at once. The author, Mike Williams, is an archaeologist and a practicing shaman. He also lives in Wales, which always earns bonus points in my book. Thanks to Prehistoric Shamanism, I learned that today is King Frost Day, when the citizens of London used to celebrate winter by holding a "frost fair" out on the ice of the frozen River Thames. Who knew?

So, Happy King Frost Day, everybody! And if you live in Oakland, watch out for those Gnomes!


William Kendall said...

Note to self: figure out way to make King Frost Day central day of my religious beliefs. Good way to get a day off.

And don't trust the gnomes. Oh, they might look cute, but...

Maegan Langer said...

I know, right? A frost fair out on the ice sounds like so much fun, but only for a little while, because I hate being cold.

Russo said...

The gnomes are coming, I smiled when I saw this post by you. Did you know that at many times you have been my source of news, thank you, girl!

I'm definately checking out Prehistoric Shamanism. Archeology and all that stuff intrigues me.

PS- I'm so gonna celebrate King Frost Day now thanks to you. I love that kinda stuff.