Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What is luck?

Today is a reminder that life is short. You have to live every moment like it's your last. It's sounds cliche but it's true.

Today a friend lost her life. She went in for surgery and didn't wake up. She's young, not but 3 years older than me. All the while I sit here and think how lucky we all are to be alive.

We are lucky to see the sunset and feel the chill of night. We often think of luck in terms of money or status but luck doesn't work that way. Today is a day to hug your loved ones. We are all lucky, more so than we believe.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Stop, Drop, and Listen

My littlest offspring says hilarious things. And I'm so used to it that most of the time it blows right past me. But lately, I've been stopping to listen more--like, dropping whatever I'm focusing on/worried about/trying to figure out/frustrated over/confused with, and just listening to the things coming out of my boy's head. And I will tell you, it's been a learning experience. 

Because I've always known this child was smart. And non-linear in the extreme. But I didn't really  see the gentle brilliance with which his mind works until I started to really listen to him. So, when my middle daughter was trying to tell him something and accidentally misspoke, his response was quick and clever, and I learned that he makes rapid-fire connections in a way that I think most 11 year-old boys don't. i.e.:

DaughterChild: Look at those mountains. Do you know why the rocks are all sideways like that?
Little Dude: Nope.
DaughterChild: It's because there was an earthcake---
Little Dude: Also known as a mud-pie---

Seriously? Whip-crack fast association going on there. That takes an interesting mind.

And then there was this the other day:

Dad: So. What did you kids learn in church today? (because we do that whole religion-thing at our house.)
Kids: There was that story about the girl who never gave up even though her life was hard. Like she was always cheerful. Yeah, and I loved when he talked about starting that fire when he was a kid, and his facial expressions were hilarious. Yeah, where he talked about obedience. And--
Little Dude: Chuck Norris can light fires with his farts.

Hahahaha! Kid knows his timing. He's always been like that.

My point--besides that my boy is a total bustup--is that I don't normally register this stuff from him unless I drop everything and just focus. Listen to him. Notice him. Think about him. And when I do the rest of the world gets quiet, and what he says and means and how his little heart feels are suddenly all-capped front and center of my attention. I see his little soul shining.

Which means: if we did this with everything in life, if we just stopped and let go of future worries, past worries, stress of the moment, schedules, plans, irritants, whatever---imagine what we'd hear from the world around us. What we'd notice. What we'd learn. And how much more peaceful it would all be. I think we'd see more of the good in our lives.

Just a thought. 
One I'm going to focus on now.