Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Lesson in Manners

Question of the day.

Is it polite for someone to ask if you are a part of a harem? I ask because that's what happened to me a month ago.

At first, I thought, this topic has nothing to do with chasing your dream but then I realized-it sort of does. You know, working toward your dream can be consuming. You give all your efforts to an idea that is going to impact people's lives. So when the time comes for super-silliness, treasure those moments.

Okay, so back to the harem bit. First off, I was stoned out of my mind from dental surgeries. I was so bored, I went shopping at a wholesale warehouse with my mom and step dad. Which could be a yawn-fest but not with me involved.

For exactly one hour, I made a mega store fearful of me. I knocked over two displays, broke an indestructible kitchen knife and got mistaken for a modern day polygamist.

First off, what polygamist wears leather leggings and Uggs? And I don't blame the super slow cashier for thinking I grooved on something different. Because honestly, I look nothing like my mom and step dad. I am carbon copy of my father, minus the eccentric.
So, when the cashier, who reeked of bacon, asked if my step dad was one of those men who had 50 women, I nearly choked on my gum.
And then, she proceeded to embrace my step-dad and say, "Hugs and ladybugs!"
Seriously, where has decorum gone in this world?
Oh well, at least I had a good laugh before throwing myself back in my dream.


Sara B. Larson said...

Wow, you seriously have the craziest stories! ;) That is too funny... and awkward.

Janiel Miller said...

Hah hahahaha! *sniff* Oh honey. I SO need to go shopping with you some time. :)

jjsundevil said...

Baby girl you R a laugh N a half especially when stoned

Why wasn't I there?

jjsundevil said...

BTW Russo where do you get off wearing leather after the dentist? You must be my bestie-kisses

Maegan Langer said...

You'd be the most stylin'-est polygamist EVER, Russo.

Russo said...

Definatly an awkward moment, Sara. Sometimes I wish the craziness didn't follow me.

Hey, Janiel, remember when we went shopping at that lil boutique and I knocked over the mannaquin? Seriously, what is it with me and breaking things?!

Oh, my goodness, Maegan, I love how you worded this 'most stylin'-est polygamist EVER'

PS~Jameses, you were snoozing cuz you had to take my sorry-butt to the dentist. Aren't you the one that said, "7am's too hard to wake up for."

densleybrandis said...

Im a new fan. Love the humor in the posts and the comment section is a riot.

Maegan Langer said...

Welcome to the Gnome Slayer ranks, densleybrandis!

scott.densley said...

Im Scott and I owe my thanks to you three. My wife has stopped PMSing 'cuz She's devouring your blog.

Janiel Miller said...

Densleybrandis and scott.densley: big ol' gnomeslaying welcome to you both! And Scott, a little Pre-Menstrual-Slaying is all in a day's work for us. Happy to help you out.

Maegan Langer said...

Our new slogan: "PMS: Just Another Gnome."

Russo said...

Oh my goodness that PMS comment from Scott is freaking funny!

And Maegan, your response is even funnier (IS funnier a word? I doubt it)

Kayla said...

Oh wow. Great story - I can't stop laughing!

Russo said...

Kayla, that is so sweet of you to say-thank you!