Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A page in my teenage diary

While doing a major cleaning overhaul I stumbled on one of my journals in 1995. Lemme tell you, it's hilarious. So, my dear friends, let's take a little trip to the past.

Forget Facebook and the iPad. Remember the time that Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio was the shiznit? And the buzz all over VH1 was the tragic end of Kurt Cobain? All right, now you're ready for Russo's diary. *Please note nothing has been changed, I'm typing this as is-

"Peter and Jenn got married on Days of Our Lives. I want a love like they share. I want a nice sweet man like Peter. Nah, I think I want a guy like Stone on General Hospital. He's like, leather-jacket-hottness but Stone dies. Yeah, I'll stick with Peter. I wanna nice sweet guy like Peter."

First off, what the freak. When was I such a ditzy girl? Let's be honest, I have had a few Peter's . And they are remarkable. The kind of love that sticks with you forever because they changed you for the better. I could never bag on the sweet guys in my life.

So, let's talk about the Stone's instead. First, there was the drug dealer who's feet smelled like formeldahyde, (he worked at a mortuary.) Lovely choice-yeah, right.

And then there was the painter who had a badger taxidermy mounted on his kitchen wall. Lemme tell you, there was no way I was going to makeout with him. The dude was hott but not hott enough to own taxidermy and get away with it.

Yep, I seemed to gravate toward men with power. Must be why I am have a mad-crush on Mr. Donald Trump. Hey, don't knock it, the Trump-ster is a divine kisser (in my dreams)

Let's face it, sometimes life doesn't go as we planned. The dreams that you had as a 15 year old shift. And that's okay because what if we have something even better. And I'm not talking about relationships.

The Peter's, Stone's or even Mr. Trump's are fantastic but they aren't what's important. What matters is you. The fantastic future that awaits you because you are taking a chance on your dream.

No matter what life throws at you, don't ever give up on what you want.


Jodi Whisenhunt said...

That's great! I used to dream of Jack Wagner, aka Frisco Jones on General Hospital (mid '80s)!

Thanks for stopping by Magical Mouse Schoolhouse. I am following you too :)

shelly said...

I needed your blog this morning. Thank you.

Donna Banta said...

The guy with the formaldehyde feet sounded like a keeper!

Ashley said...

Haha! My teenage dairy was full of which celebrity guys I wanted and our future together. How stupid could I be?

I love your line, "The fantastic future that awaits you because you are taking a chance on your dream". I need to put that on the cover of a journal or something!

Russo, your comments always make my day. Your posts always make me giggle and leave your blog feeling inspired. Thanks for being a true blog friend. :)

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Such a great message! It's so true. Gotta stick with the dream in order to make it happen. I remember Peter and Jenn--vaguely, but I remember. Weren't there two guys that played Peter. And then the original guy ended up coming back to play the part after a while? I stopped watching it I think about the time Marlena become possessed, so I'm not sure where the story went. But my greatest loves were Bo and Hope. I wanted them to end up together.

Anywa, I digress...

I don't think that diary entry makes you seem ditzy! I think it makes you seem like a teenager! Stick with your dream, but forget about the Stones. Not worth it. ;)

Janiel Miller said...

Russo is absolutely the Queen of Positive Feedback. I think most of the people in our critique group save her notes to look back on when they feel depressed as a writer.

Thanks for following!

And Russ, honey, your life is extraordinary in how much material it gives you to blog about.

Hearts, honey!

Sara B. Larson said...

Holy whoa. You have some of the craziest stories ever. A drug dealer who's feet smelled like formaldehyde? Dang girl. ;) And I love that you were obsessed with soaps. Too funny. My grandma is STILL obsessed with Days, and I'm always shocked that Stefano is still dying and living and dying again. But I agree with Carol - Bo and Hope were my faves on the rare times I'd watch it with her. ;)

Toesthattwinkle! said...

awww! love this post! I go for the quiet guy :)

Lori said...

Okay, wow! You've known some interesting characters! Thanks for your sweet comments...

milliemorganmedia said...

Thank you so much for the comment regarding my photos. I look forward to reading your blog as well and thank you for following me. I am now following you back!

Lianne said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am following you back. Very cute, funny blog.


Small Town Mommy :) said...

LOL You make me want to dig out MY old journals! So cute :D

Following you back from justasmalltownmommy.blogspot.com

This Lil Piglet said...

LOL, well luckily I burned my diary long ago but I vaguely remember tidbits of what I wrote and it went something like that too. Very funny!

Following you back from the hop. :)

Crystal said...

Love it!
Diary excerpts are awesome! They are so raw and real! Thanks for sharing and btw-thanks for stopping by and following. Now a follower of this site!

My Mommymoon said...

OMG, brings back memories. I loved Jagger (GH) and I was so sad when he left. Ha ha...and then we grow up.

1 Funky Woman said...

Ha I have come across some old journals of mine and dam I sounded like an idiot. No wonder I didn't keep up with it!

Hmmm, I wonder what it means that the guy I dated smelled like formaldehyde and then I went on to marry him. He was in Med school at the time. And now he has gone on two different hunts one in Africa and one in Michigan and killed animals. Now he is waiting for all the heads and bodies to come back from the Taxidermist?

Never in a million did I think I would live in a house with dead animals except on the dinner table! I don't think I will ever go in the basement again!

So thrilled you like my blog. That really means a lot. I hope you keep on reading!

Love that the three of you are pursuing your writing dreams. Which gnome are you?


laura@imnotatrophywife.com said...

that's hilarious!