Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Today I barfed on a cop

*Embarressing moment alert

Yep, the title is correct. I lost my lunch all over the cities finest.

I wish I could say that the man looked disgusting but noooo, I just happened to yak on the hottest cop ever.

Let's back this story up a bit. I'll admit, I was speeding. You would too if you had a gigantic great dane in the backseat. My sister had me dog sit for her because precious Ralphie (that's the name of the great dane) had just been put on a mood stabilizer.

First off, when did dogs get placed on uppers? Seriously. Anways, I'm speeding down the road and the cop's lights are flashing.

The cop exits his car and does the typical thing, "Can I see your liscense and registration."

He returns to his car to check my info and I start shaking. Which really baffles me because my old job required me to have a tough skin. I've had a knife pulled on me, been head butted and punched repeatedly. But somehow, the mere precense of this cop sends me into a tailspin.

My voice is weak, and I am on the verge of tears. My body has completly shut down. I tried to collect myself but I just couldn't. My throat begins to feel a tickle. My stomache acid is going out of control. With utter abandon, I empty my stomache contents onto the poor policeman's shoes.

There is nothing to say. I am mortified at this point. I wipe my mouth and whisper, "I'm sorry, I'm just really nervous."

The cop was ever-so nice. He did nothing more than smile and helped me calm down.

The lesson of the story? Well, there isn't one. Sometimes you're gonna make choices that have consequences. Some horrid and some just plain embarressing. It's one of the joys of life. Sometimes you gotta live with it. And laugh at the crazy moments.


Shelly said...

I made the mistake of asking an officer a question to his question.

Officer: Why were you speeding?

Me: Is there a right answer to this question so I don't get a ticket?

Yeah well, I got a big ole ticket.

jenna said...

i just had to read this after I saw the title. Don't worry about it too much... my husband was a cop and the good ones are there to help you make it okay. Let's just be glad it was a good one and not one of the a-holes.

Robin said...

Oh, Russo. You poor thing! [I can't stop laughing...]

Kristina said...

Oh my gracious! This is quite the story, I'm sure that was a bit embarrassing... I'm not sure if that would have made me laugh or cry, or both. LOL did he end up giving you the ticket after that?

Lori said...

Oh, my gosh - it is rather embarrassing, but awfully funny too! At least the policeman was nice about it!

Romina Garcia said...

Oh no!!
Thanks for the much needed chuckle x

mymy said...

oh my...good thing the cop was understanding! am assuming he didn't give you a ticket...lol

FrankandMary said...

I just do not think a cop should give a speeding ticket to someone who is babysitting a bat-shit crazy dog AND throws up. Too much going on. You've suffered enough.