Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Keep going, keep climbing

Some days just don't go as planned. I wanted to jet my lil toukus over to my writing group on Thursday. After spilling soda all over my white lacy dress, I get a phone call from someone dear to me. This year has been a struggle for him, he is losing his eye sight.

So , instead of doing what I want, I pop a U-turn, get cussed at from a HOTT driver in a grey truck and trek on over to my friend's house. He needs a shoulder to lean on, I am there.

My friends, we are in the fight for our dream. It's a long, hard battle but the fact of the matter is- we have people in our lives who need us. Sometimes we have to forgo our needs for theirs. And that's okay because being a pillar of strength to someone can refresh and inspire you for your own dream.


jjsundevil said...

babygirl U always make me smile

Anonymous said...

In the delicate matrix of life, I think you have you priorities set up pretty well.

William Kendall said...

Well put, Russo!

Janiel Miller said...

Oh girl, you said it. And you do have your priorities straight.