Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I fell into a lake while on a date

It's a proven fact nature and I just don't mix. Squirrels attack me, birds poop on me and I always seem to fall into something. This weekend I went golfing and made an absolute fool of myself on a date. Sure, I wore my cute lil black skirt with an argyle hoodie but I also slipped on a rock and fell into a large pool of water.

Okay, here's the details, friends. My date was trying to go for a birdie (whatever that means) while I was running away from an ornery goose. I swear this goose had it in for me. He was hissing and arching his head back while I ran over the tiny hill for safety. And that's when I slipped on a rock and careened into the water.

It was bad enough that I had a gash on my arm but then I had to emerge from the water covered in mud and soaked like no other.

My date didn't finish his work on hole nine. No, he came looking for me-the swamp monster herself. The instant he laid his eyes on me, I knew we were in for a defining moment. The hott date with hair longer than mine could've easily made me feel embarrassed or said a wise crack to tear me down but he didn't. No, he simply smiled. His dimples were divine as he laughed hard, so hard that tears were rolling down his cheeks.

He took off his shoes and waded his feet. He then scooped up a heap of mud and coated his arms with the mud. All the while, he smiled down at me and said, "Guess we're in this adventure together."

He took my hand, helped me out of the water and we drove in our cart to the clubhouse to clean off. The air whipped around my face as I realized my date coated his skin in mud so I wouldn't feel like an idiot when I walked into the clubhouse looking horrid.

Sometimes, life is going to give you an embarrassing moment and other times, people are going to surprise you and do something kind. And if you're lucky, you'll get both wrapped up into one delish moment.

PS- Check out the view we had on one of our last holes while golfing. Stunning, huh?


Shelly said...


Maybe things like that happen for a reason....but I couln't tell you why.

One of God's character building tools perhaps. ***shrugs***

Janiel Miller said...

Girl. Hilarious. And always with the Positude. :)

Maegan Langer said...


FrankandMary said...

I think you have more fun than the average person. But then, you are not an average person.

Happy Birthday. ~Mary

William Kendall said...

Oh, boy!

Whilst the new date might have the deplorable habit of golfing (golf is a good walk wasted!), he at least showed the good manners of getting himself just as messed up!

Norma Beishir said...

Russo, you should base a fictional character on yourself. Seriously.