Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Race for the cure & race toward your dream

When chasing a dream there is but one rule- Go big or go home. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there for what you believe in. Let me give you an example.

*Embarrassing moment alert

Most people participate in an event like Race for the Cure with zero drama. They simply walk. Me? Well, I have to make an idiot of myself.

Sure, I walked with my mom, who's a cancer survivior, 13 years. We even had a tender moment. She placed her warm hand in mine and said, "I am grateful to be here with you."

I smiled at her, noticing the pure happiness in her smile. And then I tripped over a rock and tumbled to the concrete. And not in a graceful way, mind you. I scrapped my cheek and looked like a thug the rest of the day.

After my cringe worthy moment, I turned around to find my best friend, Jameses in the crowd. Of course, I'm hanging with the bloke in a pink tutu.

Jameses scuttles on up to me and is laughing his tookus off. He throws his arm around my shoulder and whispers, "You really get into your causes, baby-girl."

I stare at him blankly as he gestures down to collar bone and snickers.

Apparently, I raced for the cure with my left boob hanging out of my shirt.

Yep, go big or go home.


Kristina said...

Oh Russo - you have some of the best stories! As a teenager, my dad took my brother and I to Mexico. Swimming in the ocean I was in my bikini, turned around just as a wave was coming and sure enough, wave caught my right side. I'm standing there in the middle of the ocean having a conversation with my dad up on the beach and then he is like, "Sis, you need to fix yourself." I was clueless until I looked down and I was like, "Oh my!" So embarrassed!

Robin said...

No. Freaking. Way. Russo, great story!

Janiel Miller said...

Okay, Uncle! I give! I used to think I had embarrassing moments to beat them all, but you totally win. I'll bet "Race for the Cure" appreciated you being a walking visual-aid.

Oh, honey.

Maegan Langer said...

Still laughing.

shelly said...

That goes to show the power of the Ta-Tas. May they lead the way. :)

Donna Banta said...

OMG, that even beats the time I accidentally walked into the ward men's room and surprised the bishop at the urinal.

Awesome, Russo, truly awesome. And great that you could walk with your mom.

Janiel Miller said...

Donna - Haaaa hahahahahaha!

Greenacremama said...

That is too funny!!!!!...my finger is okay....i've been gardening for the past couple of days and the look like i have gotten into a fight with edward scissorhands. I'm the kinda person that just sucks it up and gets on with it, plus my husband thinks everything is a weed, don't trust him around my plants.; )

MANDY said...

OMG Russo! You sound like my kind of gal. Nothing stops you....even an embarrassing boob moment. Very funny story..love it! Keep on walking tall, girl. Great to be with mom, isn't it?! Lovin' your stories.

Debra Ann Elliott said...

Love it! Thanks for stopping by.

Just Another Hat said...

Congrats on finishing the race/walk...and congrats to your mom for being cancer free for 13 years. Way to go home big.

CMSmith said...

Wardrobe malfunction. No worries. Even the stars are doing it. (Then again, maybe you should worry.)