Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A bug flew up my nose

Today I sprained my ankle and not in some heroic sprint-five-miles-run-till-your-feet-bleed crap. No, I sprained my ankle all because a bug flew up my nose.

Has that ever happened to you? No joke, I played a wicked game of tennis, my feet were flying. I ran to the net and pounded the ball onto Jameses side of the court. I let out a roar and in went the bug up my nasal passages.

I dropped my racket and then danced around the green court like an idjut. My hands were waving and I kept flicking my nose.

I am sure the bug had quite a surprise up there because my nose is all jacked up from getting punched in the nose a handful of times and snorting (ahem, we won't go there.)

Sometimes when chasing a dream lil' annoyance will creep into your life. They will try to take you down or distract you. Don't let them. You are more powerful than you realize. This dream is yours-don't let anything stop you, my friend.

PS- If a bug does happen to fly up your nose, learn from my mistake. #1) Be very gentle when removing the bug because they do bite or your fingernail can scrape the the thin skin in your nostril. #2) Don't panic, the follicles in your nostril are there to protect your body. #3) Apply an ice pack to your nose, it helps with swelling and numbs the pain.

#4) Most importantly, when in doubt always go to the doctors office.


shelly said...

When doing fades(I'm a barber/hairdresser by trade), tiny little hairs fly into my nostrils. Itchy. There are also times when nats happen to fly into the store and travel into my ears or eyeballs or my nostrils.

Yup. There's always something or someone to try and derail you.

Maegan Langer said...

One time a bee got stuck in the space between my sunglasses and my face. It was thisclose to my eyeball. Really, what are the odds?

jjsundevil said...

karma got U back for gloating babygirl

UR my ray o sunshine

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Oh, I've had that happen. Though never while playing tennis! Sorry about your ankle.

MANDY said...

OMG...I am sorry girl, but I am laughing at the picture you have painted for me!!! However, as my super competitive, athletic husband would say, get to the important part....did you still win the game? Hope all is with the ankle soon.

Ashley said...

You poor thing - I can't stop laughing though! I love how you relate it to the bigger picture - that is why I love reading your posts :)