Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rules that Royalty must follow

I dunno about you but it has come to my attention that I am obsessed with fairy tales lately. It all started with that blasted royal wedding.

The other day Jameses was helping sort out my closet (we were in search of my thigh high leather boots) and came across a stack of Prince William and Kate magazines hidden in hat box. I don't know whats freakier, the fact that I'm into fairy tales or the fact that I have them hidden away like dirty magazines.

Maybe its not about the fairy tales at all-maybe we're all wanting a little bit of magic in our lives. The need to go back to our childhood belief that anything is possible.

I babysat my niece this week and we watched Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella. She flitted and floated around the room singing, "Impossible things are happening everyday."

Which made me really think about our dreams and the sacrifices we are making to get there. Never forget my friends that a beautiful future is on the horizon. Can you see it?

*On a side note, did you know that the Royal's have rules? Here are a few things the Queen must live by:

1-Wear hats in public

2-wave at the elbow, not the palm

3-smile gently and walk cautiously

4-and more importantly never pee in a public toilet

Yeah, I'd never make it as royalty.


shelly said...

Do they say pee or tinkle? What aout burping and farting? Is that allowed at anytime? Anywhere? This inquiry mind would like to know.

Okay. I need to post my blog for today.

Have a good one.

MANDY said...

Oh Russo, I am so in love with fairy tales too! This is scary....I too fell in love with the fairy tale romance of Will and Kate!(remember my post about it?) I'm not even a true royal watcher. I realize that when I read, I am escaping to that fairy tale place. Where else can I meet that hunky highlander riding a horse with shoulders as broad as the horizon?? I love escaping to these fairy tale-like places. But I always seem to find a sense of truth and meaning in these stories that apply even today.

jjsundevil said...

Loves that musical
loves you 2

Maegan Langer said...

Aw, man! The public toilet rule would have disqualified me for sure! Oh well.

I agree that we're never too old for fairy tales, although I didn't get into the Royal Wedding much. I will concede that was a killer dress and Kate rocked it, much like I'm sure you rock your thigh-high leather boots. I wanna see you in those babies, Russo!

Mandy, if your hunky highlander happens to have a hunky brother, send him my way, k?

Janiel Miller said...

Shelly - I was told in Ireland that royalty "trains themselves not to want." So there you go. They don't have bodily functions, ergo, they probably don't have any of the words describing them in their vocabs.

I used to follow Princess Di like an idiot-anglophile. It was fun. I loved it. I haven't followed them much since, but I did watch part of the wedding while in Ireland, and suddenly I was completely caught up in it. Katherine was beautiful, and their little sweet-nothing comments to each other fainted my heart.

Fun post!

blueviolet said...

I sure wouldn't mind #4 if given an alternative!

CMSmith said...

I LOVE that movie. Sometimes I watch it all by myself in my own little corner.