Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Author Interview! With a REAL author! Caleb Warnock: Part 2

*Big announcement

Caleb Warnock, our Literary God-Like Instructor, has released his first book, the Forgotten Skills of Self-Sufficiency. And lemme tell you, this book is definitely a good read because of the incredible skills it teaches you.

When opening this book, you are immeditely taken aback by the stunning photos. This man lives in paradise. Yummy food, vibrant colors and all.

Secretly, I've always wanted to have a bit of Martha Stewart-like qualities. But alas, where she uses her kitchen to whip up a good meal, I use mine as an operating room to extract BB gun pellets (more on that another day.)

Caleb's book has helped me get even closer to my goal of self-sufficiency. And trust me, if I can attempt the skills in his book, anybody can. And the recipes are divine. His succulent slow roasted vegetables are delectable.

This man is a genius, in writing and in life. He's one of the few people that can look me in the eye and tell me that I am full of crap. He's also someone who can make me dig down deep and try harder. You are in great hands with this person.

Below is a clip Janiel made of our venture into Caleb's garden. You'll see his stunning garden full of things like stevia and Jerusalem artichokes. You will also meet his dog and darling chickens (which you can try to name and win a free copy of Mr. Warnock's book.) Read Maegan's post for more details. (Its right below mine)

This video is rare - you get a one millisecond shot of moi. Caleb offers us gnomeslayers a piece of fig and I (in typical fashion) cuss.

In this video, we see a few more plants and the neighbor horse and Janiel has to calm my sorry-butt down.


Robin said...

I want figs! I wonder if I can grow them here. I'd probably have to grow it in a pot and keep it inside all winter.

Chicken name: Figgy.

Chris said...

Part 2 is equally informative and entertaining! You girls made me laugh. Love Janiel's Cecil B. DeMille-like style. : )

jjsundevil said...

scratch out the bttr nt sqsh name to sundevil arizona

Janiel Miller said...

Thanks Chris! Give us another chicken-name and we'll enter you again so you can have a better shot at the book.

Rob, I'll bet it would grow there . . . actually though, I wonder what all that rain would do to it. Hmmmm. Might be an interesting experiment.

James - we won't scratch out bttr nt sqsh, we'll just add you to the drawing again with sundevil az. Then you'll have twice the chance of winning. (And how did you like the sneaky shots of Russo we managed to pull off? :)

William Kendall said...

Good for you, Caleb!

And of course, we do want the BB gun pellet story, you do realize, Janiel?

Janiel Miller said...

I do realize that. However, this was Russo's post (even though it says I posted it. That's because I posted the videos for my gnome-gals, and they added their four-bits). Sooooo, for the bb-removal story, we'll have to wait for the lovely Russo to spill it.

I aspire to such an interesting life . . .


Robin said...

Maybe I could get a fig to grow here. Now that I've got the veg gardens going, I need to think about fruit. Hope springeth eternal.

Chicken name: Hope.