Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Navy EOD-what can you learn from these brave warriors?

One of my fave shows is Surviving the Cut on Discovery Channel. They delve into what it takes to make it in the military elite. This week they focused on the Navy's Explosive Ordnance Disposal crew. They are highly trained technicians who analyze and handle explosives.

I bet you're thinking, "Great, what does this have to do with me?"

You want your dream? You gotta learn from the finest go-getter's ever. Every day they give 100% because they know if they slack there are no do-overs. Navy EOD's are relentless- they continue on despite physical exhaustion. The key to their success is to shift their mental focus. Having a bad day? Clear your mind. Forget about your tiredness, hurt muscles or etc.

Stretch yourself as hard as you can- the end result will be worth it.

PS- If you want a more in depth look at the Navy EOD crew, watch The Hurt Locker. Please note the movie is pretty intense and not for everyone.


Kristina said...

The hurt locker is a very good movie! :) It's so easy when we are not in a situation that we HAVE to push ourselves not to. We just have to remember to push - there is a better result in the end! :)

shelly said...

Russo: Thanks I needed that. Not for my writing but for my hair lopping job that pays the bills. The bar has been risen on our ability to sell more products. If not, our jobs are on the line. Little by little, I've seen people I've worked with for years be let go because of this bar that keeps being raised. But I must stay positive and do my best. The plan is and always has been to stay full time until I've published several books. Okay. Off to my next blog.

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Great lesson! We could all benefit from letting go of what is holding us back and focusing on the goal. I'm going to print that and stick it on my computer at work ;-)

Anonymous said...

My problem is the rabbit. A retired SEAL told me that during a certain "survival" training session they give SEALS a bunny....after you take care of the bunny for a while, love it~they tell you that for survival purposes you have to kill & eat the bunny raw.
Uhm, no.
I can't. Oh, well....~Mary(but I do understand the point you are making :-)