Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I totally tripped while at the symphony

This weekend I attended the symphony. Most people enjoy a night out on the town with zero issues. Me? Well, not so much. Oh, I dressed up in my sequin gown with a lacy fascinator. You know the fancy smancy hats that guests wore at the Royal wedding. The only difference is I bought mine half off from a drunk guy at the mall.

Anyway, back to my embarrassing moment. The glass door to the Symphony Hall is opened and I stroll in gracefully. Granted in my head I am thinking repeatedly, "Don't trip. Don't trip. Don't trip," and sure enough, what do I do? I trip and not just some teeter of your feet and then catch your balance. Oh, no, when I trip, I make sure to make my presence known. And when your 6'2 and collapsing to the floor it's quite a spectacle.

All I remember is placing my hand on the railing to walk up the large stair case, I stepped on my gown and that's when trouble ensued. I collapsed on the stairs. No joke, my body was as straight as a surf board. My date is trying not to laugh but seriously, I look absolutely ridiculous. I pull myself up quickly and laugh heartedly.

An old woman clutches her son's hand said, "You all right, Dearie?"

All I can do is smooth out my gown and say, "And to think, that was one of my more graceful falls."

Yep, tripping is practically my super hero power. I'm down for the count and before someone even notices what happened I am back up and ready for an adventure.

Someday's are going to be a mash up of utter beauty and horrid moments but I am learning that those moments rejuvenate the mind.

Ps- this story reminded me of the time that I tripped at a boutique while shopping with Janiel and Maegan. I knocked over some display in the process. I wonder if they remember that day. Anyways, that's a story for another day.


shelly said...

You're such a trip!:)

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William Kendall said...

Oh, I'm sorry, but I can't help myself... I'm laughing!

Was the concert splendid, by way of recompense?

Janiel Miller said...

You are completely right. You recover so quickly it's hard to even register that you fell. I remember the boutique! I'd forgotten until you mentioned it again, though, so see? You have super hero recovery skills to match your tripping skills. :)