Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ways to improve your discipline

Athletes are known for their discipline. Every thought they have when in training is centered around one idea-how will this affect me in the morning.

You are no different from an athlete when you pursue your dream. The idea of discipline sounds overwhelming but did you know that there is one way to strengthen your discipline? Watch you posture.

I know, I was baffled when I read this idea in Success magazine. Your mind is something that needs to be exercised daily. The act of constantly checking your posture strengthens your mental muscles. In the words of Success magazine, "You're paying attention to yourself, giving yourself something to watch out for and regulate."

Another way athletes manage their discipline is to have a short term memory. You can't focus on the moments that you failed. Learn from the mistakes and then keep going full steam ahead.

You're dream is right around the corner and it's waiting for you. Keep working hard hard, my friends.


Janiel Miller said...

I literally sat up straight from my hunched over position when I read this. And I like the short term memory loss idea. Live in the now. I'm trying to do that.

Cool thoughts, Russo! I love the whole thing.

jjsundevil said...

my posture and disapline sux
btter work it

Maegan Langer said...

Sitting straight and forgetting my mistakes!

William Kendall said...

Well said!