Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I pranked my sister- I'm gonna be a Princess at Disneyland

I have sister that is super anal. She plans for the Holidays a year in advance. Me? I try to take things as they come. I plan but I'm not anal. This week my sister, my niece and I went out for some sushi. My second grader niece loves sushi. Me? I'd rather have a burger but whatever.

Sushi seems like a normal thing but not with my sister. She combines all of her rolls of sushi in a ball and eats it. I'm mesmerized by how she can eat eel and tuna together.

Anyways, mid bite of her tennis ball sized sushi she asked me about my New Year’s resolution. It's only October. Seriously, are you really thinking of New Years right now? So, I did what any sister would do, I gave her crap.

I took a bite of my cream cheese avocado roll and said with all seriousness, "In January I'm quitting writing and I'm going to be a Princess at Disneyland."

My sister doesn't move. She stares at me so long I think that she's gone into a coma.

I start to ramble on and on about my options. I tell her my sister that I have dark hair like Belle and like to read, so that could be a perfect fit.

My niece is utterly rapt with this conversation but my sister is stunned.

So, I continue on with my prank. I take a sip of my lemon water and say, "Alice in Wonderland is out because I'd probably get so fed up with the Mad Hatter that I'd punch him. If all else fails, I have the assets to be Ariel but the sea shells might give me hives. I dunno what do you think?"

My sister hasn't touched her food in five minutes. She can't speak.

However, my niece is so into this conversation. She adjusts her sparkly headband and says with all seriousness, "Aunt Russo, Disneyland can't hire Princesses that are 8 feet tall."

"I'm not 8 feet tall, I'm 6'2," I said, with surprise.

Well, now I'm flabbergasted. I want to prank my sister and my niece has out smarted me.

I don't know what to say to my niece. The prank has died.

My niece continues to outsmart me. She chomps down on her lavender ice cream and says, "If you want you could be Goofy."

My sister starts laughing hysterically at the comment. I just sit there thinking, what age do we let our childhood die? My niece is in the second grade and already she knows that Disney has a height requirement for their costumes. Granted, she probably knows this because my sister is the ultimate buzz kill but c'mon.

My friends, I know there are some things that cannot happen. I would never be a Disney Princess because I haven't the patience for it. Even so, we cannot stop believing in the possibilities of life.


Janiel Miller said...

This is the best story! I love that you did that! And your niece is so great. Also, I love that the main reason you can't be a disney princess is that you don't have the patience for it, not the 6'2" thing. Disney SO needs a princess who is 6'2".

Suzi said...

Wouldn't that be cool if we could sign up to be princess for a day. Not the kids... Us. I'd do it. I'm not a foofy girl type but I'd pick Cinderella so I could be in some stereotypical princess dress.

Norma Beishir said...

Oh, I don't know...as I recall, Jasmine didn't have a lot of patience.

Sushi? I've always thought sushi looks like somebody already ate it....

Norma Beishir said...

Oh, I don't know...as I recall, Jasmine didn't have a lot of patience.

Sushi? I've always thought sushi looks like somebody already ate it....

Maegan Langer said...

*snicker* Assets to be Ariel, but the sea shells would give you hives. That just made my whole day! I'm pretty sure I AM Belle.We must visit this sushi place, if only to try the lavender ice cream.

Anonymous said...

Calling for one Amazon Disney Princess....~Mary

William Kendall said...

I could never bring myself to eat sushi, what with the whole not liking seafood in the first place thing...

Somehow I suspect I'd end up being a Mad Hatter.

jjsundevil said...

only U russe goose