Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Delving into the Ungnown - Russo

July Challenge: Starting a Blog

Karma . . . or lack thereof. If you are blessed with the sucker then you are lucky. Truth is I have lousy karma.

Who I am now is NOT who I was ten years ago. I have been told I am nice. And I even heard the word endearing once. Oh, if they only knew.

I'm the girl who once told my roomate to cry in the bathroom
when she had a breakdown. The nerves in my hand are not
linked to my brain because seriously, if provoked I will punch you.

When talking about my life experiences, I often say, "Once upon a time." Frankly, I feel like my life has been split into two books. The heroine-yeah, that's me- has freaking brawled her way through life.

But not anymore, every two weeks I attend a support group.
I've also taken up athletics (instead of hitting people.)

The gnome that I am staring down is myself. And I have a LOT of
work to do if I am going to make up for my wrong deeds.

Time to get writing.


Bill Roberts said...

Dear Gnome-Slayers,

First, Buffy says hi.

Second, yes, I know, that was lame.

Third, I think some gnomenclature for your Blog would be a good idea.

Fourth, gnome'am, I haven't challenged my Gnome because I'm on vacation from all challenges.

Fifth, I'm on excellent terms with my Gnome. In fact, I like to refer to her as Gnome, Sweet Gnome.

Sixth, because I'm rapidly running out of (semi-) clever things to write, I hereby gnominate you as best new Blog written by three writers.

Seventh, because I've just thought of a religious angle; and for that matter, a financial one, too:

7a: Religious Angle: May I suggest that you offer yourselves as a non-deGnominational website?

7b: Financial Angle: Begin printing currency with small and larger deGnominations.

Llongyfarchiadau am eich menter newydd (just trying to give Maegan something to do. . . )!

Bill +

Russo said...

This comment made me smile big-time. Very witty.