Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Russo Incognito

Dear Readers:

In case you haven't noticed, our beloved Russo likes to write incognito. But Maegan and I want to be cognito. Since we can't get Russo to post a picture of herself, and since we want our blog to be consistent, it has been decided that Maegan and I shall post our own pictures of Russo. We really feel that you need to have some sort of mental picture as you read her posts. And just as Russo possesses a many-faceted personality, we shall present many faceted pictures. And hopefully by the end of all of this you'll be able to cobble together a relatively correct visual of her. Here's my first representation. Ladies and gentlemen, voilá Russo:


Russo said...

Yep, this pic still makes me laugh till I snort.

sleye1 said...

Where's the ski jacket?

Janiel Miller said...

It's a hunting jacket.

Russo said...

Scott~ I seriously laughed out loud at the ski jacket comment. I need to dig that sucker out :)