Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Russo's horrid day

You know those day where nothing goes well? Yep, that would be today for me. I awoke early for an intense day of writing and this is what I see-

My best friend, Jameses lounging in his Snuggie and eating my Coco Pebbles-N-Lucky Charms together in one bowl. First off, EWW. Second off, sitting next to him is my foster cat, Lux. She has a smug look on her face as she has attacked my edits for the day. There's paper all over the floor and Jameses is just eating away and sobbing about some sad sap on the Dr. Phil show.

I shrugged my shoulders-just another day in my house? Wrong, it got collectively worse. In the late afternoon, I was dancing while doing the dishes. Not really the smartest idea but Kanye was blaring so I had to dance. Needless to say, I slipped on the floor.

Later in the day I broke my decorative dish in half. And I wonder, is it is bad sign that I broke a dish with the following saying:

Yep, it's official. I am jinxxed because not but 5 minutes letter I trip down the stairs. My new potted plant tips over and fall on my knee-brilliant.

My friends, some day's just aren't going to go in our favor. And that's okay because usually the day after a sucky day rocks-so, bring on the fun, I say, because tomorrow will be be much better.


jjsundevil said...

babygirl UR homur makes me hap hap happy

luv to U

densleyjazzfan said...

Thats my kinda cereal. Russe goose UR silly

densleyjazzfan said...

RUSSIE, brandis here. I stol;e the comp 4rm Scotty. we be the snorting queen 'cuz U made me snort.

Janiel Miller said...

Love your BadKarma-Gnome self, girl. :) You have a great attitude and a wonderful heart. Also, I love your comments. They are always uplifting and encouraging. You do much good in the world, Russo.