Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Life is a mash-up of joy, sorrow and serenity

The past few weeks have been filled with tragedy. Someone very dear to me is losing their eyesight at a very young age. This person is my rock, they have been through so much already and the thought of them losing their sight makes me pause and reflect.

I write this blog post not for pity or condolences, I am merely trying to to figure out why life can be so beautiful and yet so cruel.

My friends, there is no escaping the truth-life is a complete mash-up of joy, sorrow and serenity. You have not really lived until you face something that is frightening. The trick in surviving is not in the cliche quotes-'it's always darkest before the dawn,' or 'stiff upper lip.'

No, the trick in really living is to look a frightening situation in the eyes and realize-you are stronger than any obstacle that is thrown in your way. Never forget that truth.

The pic was taken during one of my weekend exursions-so peaceful.


jjsundevil said...

babygirl i luv when UR brave

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Someone close to me is also losing their vision. I loved your last line about facing the frightening situations and being strong.

Maegan Langer said...

So true. Thanks for this, Russo. Lovely pic, too! I love that garden :)

Janiel Miller said...

Love your last line. Inspirational.
Also, where is that garden? That's gorgeous. Like a fairy-land.

Meg said...

Why? That is the burning question! My mother died 9 years ago and I still ask why! Yes I know she died of lung cancer and if she hadn't smoked maybe, but I'll always ask why, she was too young and she was my mother!

I am so sorry to hear this news of your friend losing her vision and her being so young. Life can be so beautiful but suck at the same time!

My prayers go out to you and your friend at this time.

I totally believe in your last line. We do need to realize we are stronger but hell in that moment when you are faced with such a devasting situation it doesn't quite feel like it, does it? You don't realize it until you have time to reflect on it!

Be your friends rock if you can!


(Miss coming around here, life has just been crazy!)

Janiel Miller said...

Meg, I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for posting about it and for your thoughts. Both you and Russo have given me things to think about. I know we are all stronger for the hard things we go through--and we can even be grateful for that strength. But in the middle of it? Yep. It's rough. We all need a garden like the one in Russo's picture to go to and have some quiet time.

MANDY said...

It's true. Life is a roller coaster, up, down, around, around. Sometimes you just want to jump off and end the ride. Other times you scream with joy and excitement. We need those around us to keep us grounded and supported. It is great that you are there for your friend. Be her rock. I am sure she will still be yours.
BTW, have you started reading Outlander yet? Come by and read some exciting news about the hunky Jamie Fraser!

William Kendall said...

Thanks for posting this.

Sometimes there really are no answers to these kind of questions.

shelly said...

I have to agree with William. Smiles and hugs to you.