Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to deal with the death of a loved one

If I'm gonna be honest I must confess that the past few months has left me riddled with fear. Sure, I chase my dream but with self belief? That would be a NO. Do you know what I mean, my friend? You want something so much but are too riddled with fear to make a move.

Well, finally something has shifted within me and that thing is death.

They say death comes in three's. Well then, I have two down, one more to go. This past month my Uncle Mike (66 years old) and a dear friend named Tiffany (30 years old)has passed away.

Losing them has rattled my drive alive. The time has come to set the fear aside because my friends, there isn't time. You want your dream? Now's the time for action.

Do the thing you fear the most-do it for those you love who have passed away.

PS- I cannot believe I'm about to post a video featuring Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. Even so, the Les Miserables 25th anniversary concert DVD has been blaring constantly at my home. This songs sums up my feelings for this post. Maybe it will help you along your own journey. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYToP5ZfydE

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Race for the cure & race toward your dream

When chasing a dream there is but one rule- Go big or go home. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there for what you believe in. Let me give you an example.

*Embarrassing moment alert

Most people participate in an event like Race for the Cure with zero drama. They simply walk. Me? Well, I have to make an idiot of myself.

Sure, I walked with my mom, who's a cancer survivior, 13 years. We even had a tender moment. She placed her warm hand in mine and said, "I am grateful to be here with you."

I smiled at her, noticing the pure happiness in her smile. And then I tripped over a rock and tumbled to the concrete. And not in a graceful way, mind you. I scrapped my cheek and looked like a thug the rest of the day.

After my cringe worthy moment, I turned around to find my best friend, Jameses in the crowd. Of course, I'm hanging with the bloke in a pink tutu.

Jameses scuttles on up to me and is laughing his tookus off. He throws his arm around my shoulder and whispers, "You really get into your causes, baby-girl."

I stare at him blankly as he gestures down to collar bone and snickers.

Apparently, I raced for the cure with my left boob hanging out of my shirt.

Yep, go big or go home.