Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I vomited on my ex-boyfriend's shoes

There are many ways to handle bumping into your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. Some people brag about their lives and others try to kill them with kindness. Me? I have to vomit all over one of my ex-boyfriends.

Lemme give you the details, I just got done playing a wicked game of tennis. I played for 2 hours straight in the sweltering heat. Of course, who happens to be playing three courts down from me? My seriously hott ex who looks like Vin Diesel. I try to pretend like I don't see the bloke but my efforts are useless. He drops his racket mid serve and yells my name.

I can't look away from his intense brown eyes. They pull me in just as they did 10 years ago. My brain tells me to keep walking but of course, I don't . . . I can't. All I can do is watch his lips whisper my knick name.

By now, my 2 hour tennis game has caught up to me. I feel my stomach gurgle and my head feel dizzy. My body's begging me to sit down but of course, I don't listen. I rib my ex for his always-horrid taste in movies.

He laughs heartedly and by now, my body has shutdown. I teeter on my heels and vomit all over his shoes.

My Vin Diesel look-a-like ex widens his eyes in surprise as I collect myself. There is nothing to say at this moment. I am horrified, I can't hide in hole nor can I pretend like he doesn't exist. There is nothing to do but wait for his reaction. He busts a gut so much that tears are rolling down his cheek.

I'm trying hard to play it cool but how can you play it cool at a moment like this? My Vin Diesel look-a-like ex brushes my hair out of my face and says, "And to think, I was worried about your right hook."

Yep, life is gonna toss us some majorly ridiculous moments. The trick isn't just to endure them but to make them work for you. Laugh in the face of extreme embarrassment.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Take a moment and relax

*Before I forget, we are pleased to announce that we will be having a special guest post on Monday. I can't wait for Monday to get here!

Anyways, this week I have been stuck in the time warp that is college algebra. I don't know what month we are in or what day it is, all I know is I am at a 78 percent. I have been fighting and clawing to earn that grade.

The one thing I have learned from this math class is you must take time for yourself- rejuvenate your brain power. Athletes are known for pursuing other passions while they chase their dreams. So go and do whatever it is you love to do for a break. Take a yoga class, paint or just turn on the TV and veg for an hour.

Do whatever it is that rejuvenates you and do it pronto.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What you can learn from Maria Sharapova

This past weekend I watched an interview with Maria Sharapova, the tennis champion. The gal is incredible. She was at the top of her game and then had a major setback with a shoulder surgery. She had to fight like mad to reclaim her status as number one.
What can you learn from Maria Sharapova? Accept your losses. Sometimes you are going to be on top and the next moment you could have a major setback. Maria said that on her road to recovery she took the losses to become the best.

I had never thought of that concept- accept your setbacks because they make you stronger. The losses make you fight for your dream. They also teach you how to deal with roadblocks.

Welcome the losses and setbacks, because nothing can stop you from achieving your dream.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Our two year anniversary

Our two year anniversary of this blog is almost upon us. As I reflect on the past two years I realize I am a lucky girl. My dear friends, every single one of you have touched me somehow. I am amazed at your courage and the way you inspire people. Thank you for reading our writing. Thank you for being supportive. Thank you for being you!

I have two of the dearest friends a girl could ask for- Janiel and Maegan. I don't even know where to start. Janiel, you have taught me to find my strength. You have helped me find myself. You're funny as all get up and you are smart. You work this blog like it's nobody’s business and I just am grateful for you. You  can cook, you craft jewelry and you touch people's lives.

Maegan, you are kind and compassionate. You have so many talents and you are the only person I know who has traveled this globe over. I love hearing your adventures and you inspire me everyday to be brave. You look after animals, I never understood their lil quirks until I met you. Plus, you can make me laugh until I snort.

I adore you all and am grateful for your friendship.