Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How to get through a rough day

Let's face it, some days are just not going to go the way you want when chasing a dream. In those moments, you have to dig deep. Olympic athletes have a phrase for this, it's called staying strong.

You have to be determined to grind it out, work harder than you did yesterday. My tennis coach says it best, "Focus, do not let up for a second."

He's right, on the days where you want to bang your head against the wall out of frustration. You must take a deep breath and focus on the task at hand. Sometimes the process of learning requires you to slow down and not push yourself so hard.

You can do this, you can achieve your dream but first you must stay strong, my friends.


Norma Beishir said...

I have to agree with your coach, Russo. Perseverance is as important as talent.

William Kendall said...

The coach is right!

Shelly said...

Thanks for your post, Russo. I've been battling annoying health issues lately. And there are those days, I'd like to throw my hands up.