Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I tripped in front of Barnes & Noble

Challenge of the Month: Adventures in the month of March
There are many ways to make a brilliant first impression-shake someones hand firmly or wink at a hottie. Unfortunately, when you are 6'2, all legs, sometimes you can do neither of those things.

I went shopping with a dark haired man who seriously left me breathless. He took me to Toys R US on our date. No joke, we roamed the store shooting dart guns at each other and laughing until we snorted. We snuck comic books into a plastic fort and ate licorice. It was the most random date I have been on and I couldn't get enough of the bloke.

We then high tailed it to Barnes and Noble. I should've been looking at the curb but nooo, I had to glance up and smile at his insanely long hair. Before I had a second to think, I tripped over the curb. My date tried to break my fall but his efforts were useless.
My knees buckled and I all-out collapsed to the ground. As if that wasn't enough, my body somehow slide on the ice like I was gliding into first base.

The word mortified couldn't even describe my emotions. I mean, customers couldn't come out of the store because my body was blocking the entryway.
All I could do was erupt with laughter. His smile was devilish as he helped me stand up. I brushed the injury off because let's face it, I always trip but my date was an EMT. He somehow convinced the store to grab their first aid kit.
He then whisked me to a chair and rolled up my leggings to inspect the knee.

I sat there staring at the dark haired hottie while he applied antibiotics and band aids to my super-sick open wound. His fingers moved fluently and he even blew on my knee. At that moment, I couldn't stop smiling at him. I noticed the way that his tongue poked at his cheek when nervous.

He didn't make me feel like a fool. No, he kissed me on the forehead and helped me stand.
My knee stung like no other but my heart seemed free.

Yep, it's official-I adore March.


shelly said...

You're too much, Russo. Will there be a second date?

Norma Beishir said...

Now this is my idea of a fun date!

jjsundevil said...

UR pain=hilarious
love you babygirl

Cassidy Wadsworth said...

"hands moved fluently"...I can totally see it. Great job!

William Kendall said...

Toys R Us, huh? Very funny!

Maegan Langer said...

A book store? Now that's romantic ;-)