Thursday, January 16, 2014

I broke a fish tank in an office building

Who needs a good laugh? Well, I am always here to supply one with my many embarrassing stories.

Yesterday, I broke a fish tank at an office building. Before I continue with this story I must mention that every fish survived the tornado that was me.

I decided that yesterday would be a great day to dig out my knee-high leather boots. I haven't worn them all season. Upon entering the building, I tripped over a rug. This is usual for me so I recovered quickly. What I didn't realize is that my boot had somehow gotten stuck in the strap of my purse. Don't ask me how this happened because I still don't know.  All I know is that I tripped and badly. In the process, my purse wacked the fish tank.

You know, the fish tank held up very well. In some areas, the glass just cracked but the spot with the biggest impact had a massive hole. I ran around the office like a lunatic. My goal was to save every fish. I did but I looked like an absolute crazy person in the process. I didn't care about my wet boots nor did I care about the fact that I was stepping in fish poo. All that mattered was the lives of those fish.

I gathered up each fish and put them in pitcher of water. Like I said, all of them survived. After that adventure, I hurried over to the pet store just up the road. I am pleased to report that the fishies received an even larger home with some new decorations and plants.

Me on the other hand? I had to clean fish poo out of my new boots and my neck is so stiff. It was worth it.


shelly said...

I envisioned Cat in the Hat juggling fish bowls.

William Kendall said...

I'm sure the fish will forgive you!

Russo said...

Shelly, I totally snorted with the Cat in the Hat reference. I love your wit!

Russo said...

William, I am giggling right now at your comment. Those poor fish didn't even know what hit them.